Iran extends visa-on-arrival to 30 days

TEHRAN, Aug. 04 (MNA) – Iran's VP Soltanifar has announced extension of visa-on-arrival as part of country's tourist attracting policies.

Iran issues 30-day visa for all coming tourists at all ports of entry into Iran, said Vice President and Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Massoud Soltanifar on the sidelines of the conferring meeting of ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization) countries on handicrafts in Niavaran Palace of Tehran which opened on Monday.

Formerly, tourists could obtain a 15-day stay upon arrival at entry hubs, however the new decision doubles the grace to 30 days, said Soltanifar adding that tourists are also offered further extensions if needed.  

The official also boasted the soaring rate of foreign tourists visiting the country in the last two years, attributing it to the policies undertaken by Rouhani administration.

Soltanifar also expressed confidence that the ongoing situation would certainly lead to massive tourist inflow in near future, and urged plans to serve the coming condition.

Iran's highest-ranking tourism official said tourist influx into the country is expected to increase drastically in the remaining months of 2015 after the nuclear agreement of July 14 between Iran and 5+1.

During the last months, many European investors have visited the country and negotiated with Iranians to have a share in Iran’s tourism market, said the head of ICHHTO adding that the westerners were waiting for the agreement quite contrary to Muslim investors who have already started their projects in Iran’s pilgrims’ destinations.

He also recounted the acts passed by government to provide bank credits to hotels under construction prioritizing those above 50% of progress in construction.

“Iran’s 20-year vision plan targets attracting 20 million tourists by 2025 which will earn the country $30 billion,” IRIB news had quoted Soltanifar as saying in May. Iran has attached considerable significance to developing its tourism industry in recent years. The country is seen as one of the world’s top potential tourist destinations as it holds countless ancient sites.

Iran hosts Asia’s 4th and the Middle East’s 1st largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is home to 17 historic sites which have been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, and has a diverse landscape and its tourism industry offers a myriad of recreational opportunities.

They range from hot mineral water showers in the northwest to hiking and skiing in the Alborz Mountains to magnificent architectural sight-seeing in the center and beach holidays in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. 

Apart from its glorious ancient sites, the country’s allure lies in its people’s reputation for hospitality.


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    • Jordan 21:44 - 2015/08/06
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      Any news as to whether or when they will lift the ban on independent travel for Americans, Canadians, and British?
    • Reza 11:15 - 2015/08/07
      0 0
      @Jordan... there is no such a ban as far as I know, and as I have seen many individuals from those countries traveling to Iran. I guess you need to go to Interest Section of Iran; in US, Pakistan Embassy is Interest Section of Iran.
    • bert 13:19 - 2015/08/13
      0 0
      any idea when this new rules will take effect? The official guidelines of the airlines still mention 15 days...
    • icha 11:02 - 2015/10/05
      0 0
      how about the visa fee for 30 days? Is it still the same price as 15 days' one?
    • icha 11:16 - 2015/10/05
      0 0
      the new rule will start in March 2016
    • Raphael 17:41 - 2015/10/21
      0 0
      where did you find this date icha?? I think it is already possible!?