Who could nominate for 2016 parliamentary elections?

TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – Iran will have two critical elections of Parliament and the Assembly of Experts, where only qualified individuals could nominate themselves for being elected.

The Parliament and Assembly of Experts elections will be held on February 26, 2016 together in all constituencies and the registration will start on December 19, 2015 to last for a week.

According to Article 28 of the Elections Act of Islamic Consultative Assembly, the candidates shall hold the following particulars when they are nominated:

1. Believing and practically binding to the Islamic Republic of Iran; Note 1: The religious minorities candidates are not obliged to believe in Islam (item 1) but their own religion.

2. Iranian Nationality

3. Binding to the Constitutions and Absolute Religious Guardianship

4. Holding at least Masters Degree or its equivalent

5. Having no bad reputation in the elections constituency

6. Physical Health at the extent of being able to see, hear and speak

7. At least aged 30 and at most aged 75

The following people are not authorized to run for Parliament due to their position or job:

The following are deprived from candidacy in all elections constituencies unless they resign from their positions 6 months before their nomination:

1. President, vice-president and his consultants

2. Secretary of Expediency Council or his Deputies

3. Consultants of Vice-presidents

4. Officers-in-charge of the head of three powers

5. Ministers and Heads of Ministries

6. Ministers Deputies and Consultants

7. General Directors and Chiefs of General Departments of Ministries and General Directors of

Ministrial Offices as well as Ministers' Officers-in-charge

8. Members of Guardian Council and Central Supervisory Board of Elections

9. Head of Judiciary Power and his Deputies and Consultants

10. Head of State Supreme Court and his Deputies or Consultants

11. State General Prosecutor, his Deputies and Consultants

12. Head of Administrative Justice Court, his Deputies and Consultants

13. Head of State Investigation Organization, his Deputies and Consultants

14. Heads and Supervisors of Organizations, General Departments, and Departments of

Religious and Political Affairs of Armed Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran, their substitutes or deputies

15. Chairman of Iran Broadcasting and his deputies

16. Head of IRI Red Crescent Society and his Deputies

17. Governor-generals

18. Governor-generals' Deputies and Consultants

19. Governors

20. Governor-Deputies

21. Mayors and Chairmen of Regional Municipalities

22. Chairmen and Directors of Governmental Organizations

23. President of Islamic Azad University

24. Directorate Members and Managing Directors of Banks

25. Directorate Members and Managing Directors of Governmental Companies or Affiliated Companies with nationwide duties and options

26. General Director of Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, his Deputies and Consultants

27. Heads and Directors of Foundations (Mostazafan, Shahid, Panzdah Khordad, Maskan), Imam Khomeini Charity Committee, Literacy Movement, Islamic Campaign Organization, Campaign Bureau of Ghom Hozeh Elmieh [Qom Seminary School], Chairman of Governmental Punishments Organization, Chairmen of Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Cooperation and their Deputies and Consultants

28. Employees of Armed Forces and Ministry of Information.

The followings are deprived from nomination in the elections stations of their mission, unless they resign from their position within 3 months before their nomination:

Permanent Friday Prayer Imam, Judges, General Directors and Supervisors of Provinces Bureaus and General Departments as well as their Deputies, General Directors and Supervisors of General Departments of Governor's General's Offices and their Deputies, Chairmen and Supervisors of Governmental Departments and Organizations or Affiliated Units and their Deputies in Provinces and Cities, Universities presidents and Deans of Higher Education Institutes, including Governmental, or non-governmental ones The Directorate Members and Managing Directors of Governmental Companies or Affiliated companies in the city of province, Heads of Regions and the Chairmen of Banks Branches in the city or province, Chairmen of Islamic Campaign Bureaus in cities or provinces centers, Directors of IRI Broadcasting Centers, Members of Executive Boards and Guardian Council Supervisors in their duly elections.

According to timetable of the elections, the would-be candidates should resign from their current positions no later than June 24, 2015, full six months before elections. The official resigning certificate will be necessary for registration in the elections.

During a week (December 19-25), registrations will be made in the Elections Headquarters and in constituencies’ governorates. The Executive Councils established in all provinces will address the candidate qualifications to be announced within five days. After all legal steps, a definitive and exhaustive list of qualified candidates for the 10th Parliament elections will be publicized on February 16, 2016 by the Interior Ministry and will be notified to the constituencies’ governorates.

The election campaign will start February 18 and will continue for six days ending in February 24; 24 hours after the official ending of the campaign, elections will be held in February 26.


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