Roman Princess to be premiered in intl. Fajr filmfest

TEHRAN, Dec. 17 (MNA) – Film director has announced his Roman Princess animation will be displayed in 33rd Fajr International Film festival.

Formerly screened in Arabic dubbing in Middle East countries, Roman Princess will be displayed in 33rd international Fajr Film Festival, director Hadi Mohammadian said.

Stating that the animation was ready to be screened in the festival, Hadi Mohammadian said Roman Princess animated tale is about a Christian chaste princess, Melika, a granddaughter of great Caesar of Rome. The story brings her into an Islamic country to become the holy mother of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) - twelfth Shia Imam and the Savior.

Mohammadian went on saying that Roman Princess is a 3D animation in which 40 fictional characters were animated. The director pointed out that the animation quality is comparable to the international works of art.

He reiterated that this animation has an interfaith story and a Lebanese company will release the animation in Arabic dubbing in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.

Evaluated by the historians and religious experts, Roman Princess animation will be screened for children and adolescents.

Nearly 100 experts in various fields have contributed to the production of Roman Princess including producer Hamid Jafari, production manager Mehdi Pakdel, film editor Hassan Ayoubi, music composer Aria Azimi Nejad, dubbing director Naser Tahmasb, and director Hadi Mohammadian.


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