• Vienna Yesterday 23:34

    Iran positive about JCPOA Joint Commission meeting

    TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – After today’s talks between E3 + 2 and Iran in Vienna, Iranian negotiator said that he was positive as the remaining participants in the JCPOA shared a united stance on preserving the deal.

  • تخت روانچی Yesterday 16:11

    Iran refutes one-sided implementation of JCPOA

    TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – Iranian president’s political deputy said on Friday that if Europeans do not deliver concrete guarantees, Iran will consider other options, adding one-sided JCPOA implementation does not make sense to Iran.

  • نجفی نماینده ایران در در آژانس انرژی اتمی Yesterday 14:17

    Iran’s representative to IAEA:

    Iran not to remain committed to JCPOA if talks with EU fail

    TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – Iran’s representative to IAEA said about Yesterday’s UN nuclear watchdog report on Iran that it could be the last IAEA report if Europe does not guarantee Iran’s demands.

  • مجلس نمایندگان آمریکا Yesterday 11:05

    US Congress bans Trump from declaring war on Iran

    TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – The US House of Representatives has unanimously added an amendment to the US 2019 National Defense Budget, in which any declaration of a war on Iran has been banned without the Congress’s approval.

  • آژانس بین المللی انرژی اتمی 2018-05-24 19:49

    IAEA once again confirms Iran's compliance with JCPOA

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – Iran is still implementing the 2015 accord over its nuclear program, according to a report by the UN's nuclear watchdog.

  • ابوالفضل حسن بیگی نماینده مجلس 2018-05-24 14:56

    Iranian MP:

    Leader’s conditions for talks with Europe to become law

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) –A member of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said Thurs. that conditions laid out by Iran’s Leader for staying in JCPOA will become law.

  • دیدار مسئولان نظام با رهبر انقلاب 2018-05-24 12:59

    Rouhani reiterates JCPOA will stay in place if Iran’s interests guaranteed

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – President Rouhani says if the five remaining participants in the nuclear deal guarantee Iran’s intersts, it will stay in place without the US, adding new US threats has unified Iranians.

  • boroujerdi 2018-05-24 11:12

    US JCPOA exit followed by widespread condemnation

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said on Thursday that after the withdrawal from JCPOA, the US faced widespread condemnation.

  • آنگلا مرکل 2018-05-24 10:56

    Germany, China to remain committed to JCPOA: Merkel

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said her country and China will stay in the nuclear deal with Iran following the US decision to pull out.

  • ماروین زونیس 2018-05-24 09:11

    Pompeo speech an exercise in idiocy: Prof. Zonis

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – Marvin Zonis, Professor of international political economy believes that the Pompeo speech was an exercise in idiocy that only provides Trump with excuse to pressure the government in Iran in any way possible to bring about regime change in Iran.

  • محمد جواد ظریف وزیر خارجه ایران 2018-05-23 13:20

    FM Zarif:

    Global consensus now against US, not Iran

    TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif said Wed. that the global consensus has now shifted from being against Iran to being against US policies.

  • omv 2018-05-23 11:26

    Austria’s energy company vows to stand by Iran project

    TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – The Austrian energy group OMV has announced to continue with its previously announced energy project in Iran despite US withdrawal from the JCPOA.

  • سرلشکر باقری 2018-05-23 11:22

    Cmdr. Bagheri:

    Accord violators to end up like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein

    TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Bagheri said Wed. that the likes of US which violate international agreements will end up like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006 over charges of crimes against humanity.

  • شمخانی 2018-05-22 21:09

    Coop. with EU futile if interests not protected: Shamkhani

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), said on Tuesday that it is useless to keep cooperating with Europeans if they are not going to preserve their own and Iran’s interests in the face of Trump’s approaches.

  • رونمایی از کتاب خاطرات علی اکبر صالحی 2018-05-22 18:55

    AEOI chief says Iran ready to produce higher enriched uranium

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Ali Akbar Salehi, the Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said on Tuesday that Iran’s ready to snap back resuming producing higher enriched uranium as it did before the nuclear agreement of July 2015.

  • تخت روانچی 2018-05-22 18:30

    Pompeo’s remarks indicating US suffering international isolation

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Majid Takht-Ravanchi, the Iranian President’s Political Deputy, says that the remarks of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, show that US is suffering an international isolation.

  • جلسه ستاد تنظیم بازار 2018-05-22 16:17

    VP Jahangiri:

    Mike Pompeo 40 years behind time

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – First Vice-President Jahangiri reacted to the anti-Iran remarks made by Mike Pompeo, saying Trump’s Secretary of State is “40 years behind time”.

  • مایک پمپئو وزیر خارجه آمریکا 2018-05-22 16:16

    Washington Post describes Pompeo’s anti-Iran remarks as ‘silly’

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – In several pieces of Op-Ed published on the website of the Washington Post you can find analysts’ opinions about Mike Pompeo’s anti-Iran speech on Monday, where in most cases they find him a novice diplomat.

  • علاءالدین بروجردی 2018-05-22 15:25

    Iranian lawmaker:

    Joining FATF may hinder Iran’s support for Resistance groups

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said Tue. that possibility of blocking Iran’s support for Axis of Resistance is behind lawmakers’ refusal to pass FATF-related bills.

  • ایران و امارات 2018-05-22 15:22

    MPs call on government to revise relations with UAE

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Iranian MPs addressed Iranian President Rouhani in a letter signed by 61 legislators calling on the government to review relationship with the UAE, after the Emirate FM supported US anti-Iran policies.

  • موگرینی 2018-05-22 13:10

    Open letter to Mogherini, European imperative to save JCPOA

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Signing an open letter a group of renowned international thinkers and scholars including Noam Chomsky, Zizek, Adib-Moghaddam have asked Federica Mogherini and European imperatives to save Iran Nuclear Deal.

  • گفتگو با عباس عراقچی 2018-05-22 11:59

    deputy FM:

    JCPOA withdrawal to lead to US isolation in international arena

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Iran’s deputy foreign minister stressed that exit from JCPOA will lead to US isolation in the international arena, adding they will lose the deal if they try to link it to other issues.

  • Boris Johnson 2018-05-22 11:39

    Johnson pouring skepticism on Washington’s hardline approach towards Iran

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Speaking during a trip to Buenos Aires on Monday, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cast serious doubt on the success of Trump’s new policies against Iran.

  • Hamid Baeidinejad 2018-05-22 10:45


    Iran united against Trump’s new policies

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Iran's Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad condemned anti-Iranian remarks of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, adding that Iran is united against new policies of Trump.

  • نشست بروکسل درباره برجام 2018/05/22

    By Payman Yazdani:

    US-EU possible soft tactic to contain Iran

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – The US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has created a new rounds of speculations about the three European major players’ (the UK, France and Germany) capabilities and abilities to keep the deal alive without the US.

  • کابینه یازدهم 2018-05-22 09:59

    Rouhani to Pompeo: US unfit to decide for Iran, world

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – President Rouhani in reaction to Mike Pompeo’s recent remarks against Iran said that neither Iran nor the whole world will simply accept that the US makes decisions for every country.

  • jahangiri 2018-05-21 18:27

    Vice president:

    Iranian diplomats should be fully supported in negotiations with Europe

    TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – Iran’s first vice-president has called for full support for Iranian diplomats who are negotiating with Europeans on the future of the nuclear deal.

  • مایک پمپئو وزیر خارجه آمریکا 2018-05-21 18:04

    Pompeo vows to apply unprecedented economic pressure on Iran

    TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – New United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has declared that Washington will impose the ‘strongest sanctions in history’ on Tehran.

  • ترامپ 2018/05/21

    By: Mahmood Monshipouri

    US withdrawal from N-deal; unsettling implications

    TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – After US President Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, the European signatory states of the deal as well as Russia and China announced that they will continue abiding by the agreement without US, and here Monshipouri is discussing the consequences.

  • گفتگو با عباس عراقچی 2018-05-21 15:32

    Deputy FM urges Europe to create favorable situation for companies

    TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araghchi says that it is up to European countries to provide situation for their willing companies to do business with Iran.