Central Bank of Iran



  • وزارت خارجه 2018-05-23 17:31

    MFA reacts to US sanction on governor of Iran’s Central Bank

    TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Iranian foreign ministry issued a statement on Wednesday condemning US sanctions against officials of Central Bank and Iranian government as a measure violating the internal conventions which give immunity to officials.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-05-20 15:48

    CBI governor says European central banks still in touch with Tehran

    TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) – Valiollah Seif, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran said on Sunday that despite US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Europeans are trying to keep Iran in the deal and compensate for the damages caused by Americans, as they have kept their central banks in touch with Iran.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2018-05-16 13:22

    Iran strongly condemns US new sanctions against CBI governor

    TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has condemned the US new sanctions against Iran's Central Bank head, calling them US reaction to worldwide condemnations against its JCPOA exit.

  • کابینه یازدهم 2018-05-12 21:14

    Rouhani urges private sector to seize opportunity of stable currency market  

    TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) – During Saturday meeting of Economic Board of the Government, Iranian Pres. Rouhani urged the private sector to take advantage of currency stability for improving production and employment.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-05-09 21:22

    CBI governor:

    Iran’s growing economy to prosper heedless of US decisions

    TEHRAN, May. 09 (MNA) – Valiollah Seif, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), reassured on Wednesday that there would be no problem for Iran’s economy after Trumps withdrawal from the JCPOA.

  • سیف 2018-05-08 13:48

    CBI governor:

    Iran economy to take no hit after Trump’s JCPOA decision

    TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif said Tue. Trump’s decision on the nuclear deal will have no significant effect on the country’s economy.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-04-10 11:49

    Euro to replace dollar in trade transactions: CBI governor

    TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Central Bank of Iran Governor Valiollah Seif said Tue. that the decision to replace dollar with euro in the country’s foreign trade transactions will be implemented with more determination this year.

  • dddddd 2018-03-11 15:00

    Liquidity rate hits by 16.7% growth in 10 months

    TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – Liquidity in the country hit 1,463 thousand billion tomans in the Iranian month of Dey (Jan. 22), showing a considerable 16.7 percent hike as compared to the same period of last year.

  • حسن روحانی.هرمزگان 2018-03-04 12:00

    Rouhani calls for transparency in banking operations

    TEHRAN, Mar. 04 (MNA) – President Rouhani urged banks and financial institutions to exercise utmost transparency in their dealings in order to improve the global view on Iran’s monetary system.

  • مجمع بانک مرکزی 2018-03-04 09:45

    57th annual meeting of CBI general assembly kicks off

    TEHRAN, Mar. 04 (MNA) – The 57th annual meeting for the General Assembly of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran has kicked off Sun. morning, with President Rouhani in attendance.

  • بانک مرکزی 2018-02-19 11:30

    CBI rejects crypto as means of payment

    TEHRAN, Feb. 19 (MNA) – In its reaction to the release of a news in media outlets, Central Bank of Iran (CBI) warned categorically on the sales of cryptocurrency in cooperation with the bank.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-02-10 14:01

    Seif vows more efforts to improve Iran’s status in FATF

    TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – Central Bank of Iran (CBI) governor noted Iran’s major steps to improve its status in the Financial Action Task Force, hoping that the country would soon exit the FATF public statement and have its banking ties further developed.

  • iran france 2018-02-10 09:11

    Bpifrance voices readiness to finance Iran’s economic projects

    TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – France’s Public Investment Bank, known as Bpifrance, has voiced readiness to expand cooperation with Iran on financing the two countries’ economic projects.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-01-29 16:34

    CBI governor, Swiss envoy to Tehran confer on banking ties

    TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Seif, the governor CBI, told the Swiss envoy to Iran Leitner that Iran-Switzerland banking relations are satisfactory and called for speeding up the permission process for letting Iranian banks open branches in Switzerland.

  • ولی الله سیف رئیس بانک مرکزی 2018-01-22 21:39

    Foreign currency price to decrease: Seif

    TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (MNA) – Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Valiollah Seif stressed that price of foreign currency will decrease in coming days, and advised people not to buy dollars as an investment.

  • ولی الله سیف 2018-01-17 11:17

    ICB Gov.:

    Iranian banks prefer to open branches in Germany

    TEHRAN, Jan. 17 (MNA) – Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Valiollah Seif said Tue. that Iranian banks are eager to open branches in Germany and prefer this country over other European ones.

  • CBI 2018-01-16 11:22

    Turkish, Iranian central banks committed to expand ties

    TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (MNA) – Top officials from the Central Bank of Iran and Turkey along with senior bankers met in Tehran on Sunday to discuss new ways of developing banking relations between the two neighboring states.

  • یورو 2018-01-12 18:00

    Iran, Italy LOC to offer facilities

    TEHRAN, Jan. 12 (MNA) – Deputy Director of International Finance Department of the Central Bank of Iran introduced the 5 billion euro Iran, Italy financing agreement and added that conditions for receiving facilities from this line of credit are better than the National Development Fund.

  • بانک مرکزی 2017-12-26 15:56

    Eximbank of Russia to provide limitless finance for Iranian projects

    TEHRAN, Dec. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s central bank announced on Tuesday that a finance agreement was signed between four Iranian banks and the Eximbank of Russia on Tuesday in Moscow.

  • مسترکارت 2017-12-25 13:13

    Iran, Russia to integrate bank card systems

    TEHRAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) – Iranian director of the payment system department of the central bank said that Iran and Russia are carrying out negotiations to link bank card systems.

  • seif 2017-12-04 09:34


    Iranian bank accounts still open despite claims

    TEHRAN, Dec. 04 (MNA) – The governor of Iran's Central Bank does not confirm that Iranian bank accounts have been closed under US sanctions.

  • لاریجانی 2017-11-21 20:42

    Iran, Turkey foiled Israeli plot in N Iraq: Larijani

    TEHRAN, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Iran-Turkey cooperating in preserving Iraqi territorial integrity was very important, says Ali Larijani, the Iranian Parliament Speaker in his meeting with his Turkish counterpart İsmail Kahraman on Tuesday.

  • پرچم ایران و روسیه 2017-10-16 10:11

    Iran, Russia sign financing agreement

    TEHRAN, Oct. 16 (MNA) – A financing agreement has been signed on Sun. between the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR).

  • ایران و ترکیه 2017-10-10 12:05

    Iran, Turkey agree to use national currencies

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – A draft of MoU for using Iran’s rial and Turkey’s lira was inked by governors of Iranian and Turkish central banks.

  • ایران وچین 2017-10-09 13:29

    CBI governor arrives in Ankara to sign banking agreement

    TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) – The governor of Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif has arrived in Ankara to meet with his Turkish counterpart and other bank officials.

  • OIC 2017-09-23 14:30

    Valiollah Seif:

    Iran to enjoy investment capacity of $3,500 bn by next two decades

    TEHRAN, Sep. 23 (MNA) – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif announced that Iran has the capacity to attract 3500 Billion dollar investments within the next two decades.

  • مسعود خوانساری 2017-09-18 13:07

    Iran to reform economic structure jointly with foreign institutions

    TEHRAN, Sep. 18 (MNA) – TCCIMA chairman said the Chamber will begin to reform structure of the Iranian economy in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Company.

  • ولی الله سیف 2017-09-04 20:56

    Pres. Rouhani to visit S Africa: Seif

    TEHRAN, Sep. 04 (MNA) – Seif, the governor of Iran’s Central Bank told S Africa’s top law maker that he hopes President Rouhani’s visit to S Africa would make up the shortcomings in bilateral Banking relations.

  • Iran Croatia 2017-09-02 11:01

    Zagreb, Tehran after deeper banking ties

    TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – Boris Vujčić, Governor of Central Bank of Croatia said the largest bank of the Eastern European country was keen on bolstering cooperation with Iranian counterparts.

  • یورو 2017-08-30 12:53

    CBI governor:

    Foreign banks to open €22bn LOC for Iran

    TEHRAN, Aug. 30 (MNA) – CBI Governor Seif said Lines of Credit (LOCs) worth 22 billion euros will be allocated to Iran in the near future for implementation of various projects.