Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)



  • غلامعلی خوشرو 2017-10-06 16:14

    Sanctions contravene intl. law, multilateral trade system

    TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative in the UN Gholam Ali Khoshroo said that sanctions run counter to the establishment of global multilateral system and the international law.

  • نشست مقابله با گرد و غبار اکو 2017-07-04 15:24

    Tehran to host ECO workshop on sand storm

    TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will hold a consultation workshop on combatting desertification in Tehran on 5-6 July.

  • ECO 2017-03-15 16:08

    By: Maryam Azish

    Call for closer cooperation among ECO members

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Iran has always done its best to reinforce Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) as its top priority and is seeking to boost cooperation among the organization’s member states.

  • روحانی 2017-03-01 19:44

    Rouhani, Sharif discuss bilateral ties in ECO summit

    TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has discussed bilateral ties on the sidelines of ECO summit in Islamabad.

  • کابینه یازدهم 2017-03-01 15:39

    Rouhani, Erdoğan talk bilateral ties in ECO summit

    TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have sat together to discuss bilateral ties amid recent differences over Syria.

  • Hassan Rouhani 2017-03-01 09:32

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Heart of economy to beat in Asia

    TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – President Rouhani has said the emerging economic powers in Asia would change the global economic streams in near future.

  • دیدار وزیر امور خارجه فرانسه با دکتر حسن روحانی 2017-03-01 09:06

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Iran prioritizes empowering ECO

    TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – President Rouhani underlined that Islamic Republic of Iran considers strengthening Economic Cooperation Organization as a priority.

  • سفر روحانی 2017-02-28 16:43

    Cannons fire in Islamabad for Rouhani’s honor

    TEHRAN, Feb. 28 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has arrived in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad to participate in 13th ECO member summit.

  • سفر حسن روحانی رئیس جمهور به سیستان و بلوچستان 2017-02-28 15:17

    Iran bears heavy responsibility for ECO development

    TEHRAN, Feb. 28 (MNA) – President Rouhani, pointing to the holding of ECO Summit, said Iran bears a “heavy responsibility” in development of the organization.

  • حضور محمدجواد ظریف وزیر امورخارجه در مجلس ملی نیکاراگوئه 2017-02-28 14:52


    Iran backs Pakistan’s ECO presidency for realization of goals

    ISLAMABAD, Feb. 28 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced Iran’s full support to ECO and its current rotating president for realization of Member States’ visions and goals ahead.

  • ظریف در اکو 2017-02-28 10:00

    ECO-sponsored regionalism improves political, security ties of membrs

    TEHRAN, Feb. 28 (MNA) – Iranian FM and Chairman of the 21st ECO Council of Ministers Mohammad Javad Zarif delivered speech at the opening session of the 22nd meeting of the ECO Council of Ministers on Tuesday in Islamabad.

  • ظریف 2017-02-27 11:44

    Zarif leaves for Islamabad for ECO meeting of FMs

    TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Iran’s FM Zarif has left for Pakistani capital Islamabad on Monday to take part in the 22nd Meeting of the ECO Council of Foreign Ministers (COM) on 28 February.

  • Rouhani meets with French FM 2017-02-26 16:08

    Pres. Rouhani off to Pakistan Tue. for ECO Summit

    TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani will depart for Islamabad Tuesday. at the official invitation of Pakistani prime minister to take part in the 13th Summit of the ECO Heads of States.

  • دیدار وزیر امور خارجه فرانسه با دکتر حسن روحانی 2017-02-10 21:29

    Rouhani, Nawaz Sharif discuss ties over phone

    TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has said Islamic Revolution had provided the country with unique opportunities to develop and deepen ties with neighboring and Muslim countries.

  • مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل 2016-11-23 12:05

    UN-ECO coop. resolution adopted

    TEHRAN, Nov. 23 (MNA) – A special resolution on cooperation between the UN and ECO was adopted by consensus at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

  • اجلاس روسای گمرکات کشورهای عضو اکو 2016-10-19 13:59

    By: Maryam Kamyab

    ECO CHCA meeting kicks off in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) – The 7th meeting of ECO Council of Heads of Customs Administration (CHCA) started work on Monday here in Hotel Espinas, to discuss further expansion of cooperation.

  • zarif 2016-09-23 19:37

    Iran to open RISCAM HQ: Zarif

    NEW YORK, Sep. 23 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister addressed the extraordinary session of Economic Cooperation Organization today.

  • fao 2016-07-24 16:34

    FAO strengthens statistical systems within ECO countries

    TEHRAN, Jul. 24 (MNA) – FAO in collaboration with ECO has organized a five-day refresher training of focal points on the CountrySTAT system for ECO countries including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Iran.

  • iran-turkey 2016-05-11 17:02

    Iran, Turkey to set up ECO REM

    TEHRAN, May 11 (MNA) – Fresh round of Iran-Turkey electricity talks kicked off Wednesday morning in Shiraz aiming to establish the first ECO Regional Electricity Market (REM).

  • FAO 2016-05-11 14:58

    FAO highlights local communities role on integrated forest fire mgmt. in Iran

    TEHRAN, May 11 (MNA) – The FAO Representative to Iran highlighted the significance of the role of local communities in applying effectively the voluntary guidelines for saving forests from fire outbreaks at the opening session of the First national roundtable and training course (9-12 May 2016) on “Integrated Forest Fire Management” (IFFM) being conducted in Kelarabad, Mazandarn province.

  • eco 2015-12-22 11:20

    Art universities of ECO member countries to hold summit in Iran

    TEHRAN, Dec. 22 (MNA) – Tehran University of Art will host the 1st Assembly of Art Universities’ Presidents of ECO Member Countries, Gholamreza Akrami, the chancellor of Iranian university said.

  • Ebtekar 2015-10-28 10:33

    Ebtekar, ECO chief stress coop. on environmental issues

    TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – In a meeting between Iran’s head of Department of Environment Ebtekar and Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Khalil Akcha, the two sides held talks on environmental issues and expanding mutual cooperation.

  • eco 2015-10-03 10:38

    ECO FMs hold emergency meeting in New York

    TEHRAN, Oct. 3 (MNA) – An emergency meeting of ECO council of Ministers was held on the sidelines of the 70th UN General Assembly in New York on Friday.

  • ECO 2015-09-01 10:56

    ECO Deputy Secretary General:

    ECO-Silk Road Food Festival revives region’s culture

    ZANJAN, Sep. 01 (MNA) – ECO Deputy Secretary General, Hayri Maraslioglu expressed his satisfaction over the 1st ECO-Silk Road Food Festival held in Zenjan, Iran.

  • سیدعباس عراقچی 2015-08-31 12:22

    Araghchi meets new ECO Secretary General

    TEHRAN, Aug. 31 (MNA) – The new Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Khalil Akcha met and talked with Deputy FM Abbas Araghchi.