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South Pars 19th phase begins operation

BUSHEHR, Mar. 08 (MNA) – The first oil and gas rig of South Pars 19th phase has contributed to production of 500 million cubic feet of gas.

Pars Oil and Gas Company public relations office quoted Hamidreza Massoudi, project manager of 19th phase of South Pars on Tuesday saying that the first gas rig also known technically as SPD2 and a 19C gas rig had been installed and connected; “the two rigs will contribute 500 million cubic feet in the land operation section of the phase. “The project and the fourth overland sweetening facility will prepare the raw gas produced for public utilities after coagulation and stabilization of gas condensates (extracting liquid fuels of high economic value); this is the first stage of gas production in second-priority projects of the South Pars which is now realized,” he said.

“The refinery development has been in a desirable level; the majority of gas purification and condensate separation units and all utility facilities (water, electricity, and steam) parts have been completed,” he detailed. “The rigs will use from shared fields with Qatar; it has been located 210km southeast of Bushehr in an area of 218 hectares of the Pars Energy Economic Zone.”

19th phase of South Pars was developed to contribute to sweet gas production of 50 million cubic meters per day, 1.1 million metric tons of liquefied gas, 77,000 barrels of gas condensates and 1 million metric tons of ethane for petrochemical uses.