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Pres. Rouhani:

Providing opportunities for women govt.'s duty

TEHRAN, Feb. 07 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani said it is the responsibility of government to pave the way for women’s active participation, moderating the difference between the genders in the society.

Addressing the National Conference on 'Women, Moderation, and Development' in Tehran this morning, President Rouhani said "it is not possible to ignore the role of women in a country that is on the track of development and progress, and women comprise half of its population."

“It is our duty to set the ground for women’s abilities and talents to flourish and minimize the differences in opportunities between genders, turning it to moderation,” said Rouhani, adding that “moderation, however, is not an attitude but an approach and discourse, which has its roots in thoughts and today is in need of a revival.”

Pointing to the upcoming elections of Iran’s Parliament and Assembly of Experts later this month, Rouhani urged all Iranians to participate in elections and cast their ballots, and deemed it a 'great duty;' “the great responsibility is also on the shoulders of the Iranian women and they have to take part in the elections effectively.”

Admiring the influential role of women in Islamic Revolution of 1979, Rouhani underlined Imam Khomeini’s broad-minded approach towards the women’s participation during the era.

“Despite all difficulties, especially in regard to academic education, Iranian women succeeded in proving their position in research and education fields and they are now participating equally with Iranian men in academic and research centers,” underlined president.

He reiterated that Iranian women’s participation in economic arena has also increased in recent years and urged all to take the chance to prove their capabilities.

“Political and management participation of Iranian women however is not desirable yet and the issue has to be dealt with through planning and cooperation,” stated President Rouhani.