Presidential Election



  • روز چهارم ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-14 16:38

    Rouhani enrolls in reelection bid

    TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA) – The incumbent President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, attended at Iran’s Ministry of Interior Affairs to officially register in the 12th edition of Presidential Election.

  • روز چهارم ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-14 11:01

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    Registration for presidential election enters 4th day

    TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA) – On the 4th day of registration, candidates from around the country took to the election headquarters in the Ministry of Interior to register for the 12th Presidential Elections on Friday.

  •  سومین روز ثبت نام از داوطلبان انتخابات شوراها 2017-04-13 16:35

    287 submit names on 3rd day of Presidential Elections registration

    TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – The 3rd day of presidential election registration has been uneventful and no heavy-weight politicians have yet appeared in Interior Ministry.

  • روز سوم ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-13 14:12

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    3rd day of registration for Presidential Election  

    TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – For the third day, the interior ministry of Iran is open to those wishing to win candidacy in the 12th Presidential Election. At the end of the registration period the registered names would be sent to the Guardian Council to be vetted.

  • نخستین روز ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-12 12:29

    Ahmadinejad, his deputy enroll for election together

    TEHRAN, Apr. 12 (MNA) – The presidential election registration day has seen former president Ahmadinejad and his deputy registering for the upcoming presidential election.

  • روز دوم ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-12 11:03

    By: Mohammadreza Abbasi

    2nd day of registration for 12th Presidential Elections

    TEHRAN, Apr. 12 (MNA) – Different candidates from around the country took to the election headquarters in the Ministry of Interior to register for the 12th Presidential Elections on Wednesday.

  • روز نخست ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-11 14:49

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    1st day of candidate registration for 12th Presidential Elections

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Registration process for candidates of the 12th Presidential Candidates of Iran began today morning in the Presidential election headquarters in the Ministry of Interior.

  • روز نخست ثبت نام کاندیداهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری 2017-04-11 12:13

    Registration process begins for 12th Presidential Elections

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Would-be candidates in the 12th Presidential Elections begun registering on Tuesday morning and the process will continue for 4 days until April 15.

  • نشست خبری حسن روحانی رئیس جمهور 2017-04-10 11:39

    Live Coverage;

    Some reforms necessary in Syria: Pres. Rouhani

    TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani while slamming US for escalating conflict in Syria by airstrikes, stressed certain reforms are necessary to take place in Syria and backed democratic elections in the Arab country.

  • یازدهمین سالروز ملی فناوری هسته ای 2017-04-09 13:33


    Critics of JCPOA 'slow to see its dazzling light'

    TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) – President Rouhani has criticized the critics of the nuclear deal as negligent of the fact of success of the deal in bringing boons to the economy.

  • Rouhani 2017-04-08 12:33


    Intl. fact-finding cmte. should address Syria's chemical episode

    TEHRAN, Apr. 08 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has called for an international fact-finding committee to look into the issue of Syrian chemical episode.

  • دومین مجمع ملی جبهه مردمی نیروهای انقلاب اسلامی 2017-04-06 17:50

    Popular Front finalizes Principlist line-up for presidential elections

    TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) – Second meeting of the national forum of Popular Front of Islamic Revolutionary Forces has finalized the Principlist line-up for presidential elections.

  • مراسم بهره برداری از پروژه های شهری شهرداری منطقه 2 با حضور محمد باقر قالیباف شهردار تهران 2017-04-05 19:42

    Tehran mayor:

    Unwilling to run for presidency

    TEHRAN, Apr. 05 (MNA) – Tehran's mayor has said in a statement he is unwilling and unplanned to run for presidency in the upcoming May 19 elections.

  • محمدباقر نوبخت 2017-04-04 16:25


    Rouhani to run for a second term

    TEHRAN, Apr. 04 (MNA) – Cabinet spokesperson has said President Hassan Rouhani will be the only cabinet member to register in the presidential elections of May 19.

  • صادق آملی لاریجانی رئیس قوه قضائیه 2017-04-03 21:47

    Amoli Larijani:

    Not all candidates eligible for presidency

    TEHRAN, Apr. 03 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary has said ethics should be central to presidential campaign trail.

  • حسن روحانی 2017-04-03 15:54


    Democracy’s end in horizon if public loses trust in ballot boxes

    TEHRAN, Apr. 03 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has made an earnest entreaty to political rivals they should abandon hitting the government as ammunition for election campaign as it would deprive public of their trust upon ballot boxes as the sole cause of the hope for the future.

  • استودیو مناظره 2017-04-03 13:17

    IRIB to air presidential debates live

    TEHRAN, Apr. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s state TV and Radio broadcaster IRIB will air live political debates on presidential election starting Monday evening 20:35 local time.

  • Moreno 2017-04-03 11:25

    Moreno wins Ecuador’s presidential election with 51% of votes

    QUITO, Apr. 03 (MNA) – Former Vice President Lenin Moreno, candidate for the ruling PAIS Allience, won the second round of elections this Sunday and will be Ecuador`s next president.

  • انتخابات شورا کرمانشاه 2017-04-02 19:44

    Presidential elections: details and time table

    TEHRAN, Apr. 02 (MNA) – Presidential election headquarters in the Interior Ministry has announced a time-frame for election process; campaign trail would not be legal a day before Election Day in May 19.

  •  سومین روز ثبت نام از داوطلبان انتخابات شوراها 2017-03-23 17:15

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    Tehran City Council’s hopefuls registering for election

    TEHRAN, Mar. 23 (MNA) – The HQ of Tehran Governorate is open to those hopeful to earn a seat in City and Village Councils of the county. The sixth election of City and Village Councils will be held simultaneously with the 12th election of Iran’s president on May.

  • elections 2017-03-20 12:32

    Registration begins for City Council elections

    TEHRAN, Mar. 20 (MNA) – Candidates for the upcoming City Council elections are allowed to register their names from today March 20 through Sunday March 26.

  • سر در وزارت خارجه 2017-03-16 16:38

    FM session addresses pres. election issues abroad

    TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (MNA) – Foreign Ministry has hosted the 2nd session of Supervisory Body to address issues related to ballot boxes to collect Iranians’ votes in presidential elections of May 2017.

  • عزت الله ضرغامی 2017-03-16 12:57

    Former IRIB head to run for presidency   

    TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (MNA) – The former head of Iran’s IRIB Seyyed Ezzatollah Zarghami announced on Wednesday that he will run in the upcoming Presidential Election as a rival to President Rouhani.

  • larijani 2017-03-14 08:34


    ‘Reformist Principlism’ would be final solution

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Parliament speaker has told a press conference that Saudi Arabia should seriously review its conduct in Yemen to come to a mutual understanding with Iran.

  • محمد جواد ظریف 2017-03-11 16:24


    Iranians should be treated with ‘language of respect’

    TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has called for a high turnout of the nation in upcoming elections in May to display their confidence in the Establishment.

  • دومین اجلاسیه دوره پنجم مجلس خبرگان رهبری 2017-03-08 20:18

    Assembly of Experts:

    Public would never reconcile with seditionists

    TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (MNA) – The closing statement of the Assembly of Experts 2nd session has called the public to widely participate in upcoming elections in May 2017.

  • عبدالرضا رحمانی فضلی وزیر کشور 2017-03-04 20:38

    May 2017 Election HQ starts operation

    TEHRAN, Mar. 04 (MNA) – Interior Ministry has established a Headquarter responsible for Presidential Elections of 2017 along with 5th City and Village Council elections and midterm Parliamentary elections for some constituencies.

  • صادق آملی لاریجانی رئیس قوه قضائیه 2017-02-27 20:53

    Amoli Larijani warns against ‘infiltration’ in elections

    TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Judiciary head has said infiltration through soft means as elections had been a continuing trend inside the country with circles acting on behalf of the US.

  • Amiri 2017-02-26 15:46

    Rouhani to run for 2017 Presidential Election

    TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – The Iranian Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Hossein-Ali Amiri announced that President Rouhani will run for Iran's next Presidential Election due on May 2017.

  • همایش سراسری مجریان برگزاری انتخابات کشور 2017-02-25 16:04

    By: Mohammadreza Abbasi

    Rouhani attends congress on 2017 Presidential Elections

    TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani attended a congress on Iran’s 2017 Presidential Elections on Saturday, which was attended by officials in charge of the event.