Iran Missile Program



  • موشک ذوالفقار 2016-09-25 12:29

    Iran unveils Zulfaghar long-range ballistic missile

    TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – Iran's minister of defense inaugurated Zulfaghar ballistic missile production line and announced a number of long-range missiles would be launched in near future.

  • missile 2016-09-03 16:20

    By: Lachin Rezaian

    Why encroaching on Iranian soil is an unattainable dream?

    TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s strong defense capabilities and military achievements in spite of the sanctions against defense sector have foiled enemies’ intentions and objectives through the 37 years after the Islamic Revolution.

  • dehghan 2016-08-26 16:50

    Def. Min.:

    Iran sees no limits on radar production

    TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – Defense Minister Dehghan said Iran is now producing and exporting all types of radars.

  • نشست خبری وزیر دفاع و پشتیبانی نیروهای مسلح 2016-08-21 13:50

    Military to develop maritime cruise missile soon

    TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – Iranian defense minister announced the production of maritime cruise missile in near future.

  • بازدید رییس جمهوری از توانمندیهای وزارت دفاع در حوزه هوایی 2016-08-21 10:25

    Pres. Rouhani unveils Bavar-373 missile system

    TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – President Rouhani has inaugurated Bavar-373 which is an Iranian long-range mobile air defense system.

  • گرامیداشت سالروز 24 خرداد با حضور سردار دهقان وزیر دفاع در شیراز 2016-08-19 16:03

    Gen. Dehghan:

    No limit for missiles in range, destruction power, precision

    TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) - Defense minister underlined that Iran's missile power is to deter enemies and Islamic Republic would bear no limitation on its missile program.

  • لاریجانی در قم 2016-07-22 23:42


    Worst situation in Mideast since WWII

    TEHRAN, Jul. 22 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Fri. the current chaotic situation in the region has never been this much dire since World War II.

  • larijani 2016-07-20 11:12


    Iran left with no choice but to react to JCPOA violation

    TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament speaker, while criticizing UN Sec. Gen.’s recent statement, said Iran has no choice but to respond to US violations of JCPOA.

  • سفر وزیر امور خارجه به قزاقستان 2016-07-19 16:17


    UN report based on faulty information

    TEHRAN, Jul. 19 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Zarif said Tue. Ban Ki-moon’s recent report on Iran’s ballistic missile launches has been drawn up on faulty information and his unawareness of the process of nuclear negotiations.

  • dehghan 2016-07-19 13:59

    Def. Min.:

    Enemy propaganda of little impact on Iran's missile capabilities

    TEHRAN, JUL. 19 (MNA) – Defense minister has said Iran has been in an ongoing process of improving its deterrence and defensive capabilities, with enemy propaganda and psychological war having little impact on this process.

  • نشست خبری عباس عراقچی 2016-07-17 16:26

    Deputy FM:

    Sanctions not lifted thoroughly in practice

    TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) – Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator, stressing that sanctions are not lifted entirely, said slow process in the implementation of JCPOA is due to the mischief of the other parties.

  • بعیدی نژاد 2016-07-13 16:46


    US ban on aircraft sale violation of JCPOA

    TEHRAN, Jul. 13 (MNA) – A senior official of Foreign Ministry and member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team said Iran will not give up to anything but the full implementation of JCPOA.

  • 201316130316_araghchi-web.jpg 2016-07-12 10:11


    Securing nuclear right biggest achievement

    TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – Deputy FM Araghchi has deemed consolidation of Iran’s right to possess nuclear energy as the biggest achievement of JCPOA.

  • آملی لاریجانی 2016-07-11 21:30

    Judiciary head:

    Reactionary countries ‘source of terrorists coming to Iran’

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary has told a meeting orchestrated efforts waged by ‘some reactionary countries and imperialism’ seek to tempest Iran with evil forces of terrorism.

  • foreign ministry 2016-07-11 10:07

    Iran rejects NATO undue concern over missile program

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s FM spokesman dismissed NATO’s voiced concern over Iran’s missile program in its Warsaw Summit communiqué as 'undue' and a 'repetition of unfounded claims'.

  • سایت موشکی 2016-07-10 09:51

    Air Defense deputy comdr.:

    Air Defense doubled missile sites, radar stations

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – Deputy Commander of Iran Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base said Sarurday the number of country’s missile sites and radar stations have increased 1.5 times and 2 times in the past five years.

  • علاءالدین بروجردی 2016-07-09 22:27

    Iran’s missile program not violation of UN resolutions

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – Head of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has criticized Merkel's remarks as unprofessional and politically motivated.

  • وزارت خارجه 2016-07-09 09:55

    FM spokesman:

    Merkel's remarks on Iran's missile program unconstructive

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – Iran’s FM spokesman rejected German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent remarks about Iran's missile program as non-constructive.

  • سیاری 2016-07-05 11:50

    Navy Cmdr.:

    Missile groups, EW deployed at all Iran's coasts

    TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) – Navy commander announced the deployment of missile groups and electronic warfare (EW) in all Iran's coasts saying Fateh medium submarine will join Navy by the end of the year.

  • zaiwalla 2016-05-31 22:52

    Sanctions expert:

    Bank Mellat to be reimbursed for reputational damage, loss of earnings

    TEHRAN, May 31 (MNA) – Sarosh Zaiwalla, Senior Partner of Zaiwalla & Co., has announced that Iran’s Bank Mellat will receive what is fairly owed to it to compensate for the many years of reputational damage and loss of earnings it has suffered.

  • رزمایش موشکی بیت المقدس 28 نیروی زمینی ارتش 2016-05-22 14:25

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    First stage of Beit-ul-Muqaddas 28 drill

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – First stage of Beit-ul-Muqaddas 28 military drill was held today by Iranian Army’s Ground Forces in Maranjab of central Iran by test-firing several rockets and missiles.

  • موشک نازعات 2016-05-22 11:57

    Iran successfully test-fires Naze’at rockets

    TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Iranian Army’s Ground Forces have successfully test-fired Naze’at rockets in Beit-ul-Muqaddas 28 drill on Suanday.

  • سردار حاجی زاده، فرمانده نیروی هوافضای سپاه 2016-05-15 10:56

    IRGC Aerospace Cmdr.:

    US only knows language of power not logic

    TEHRAN, May 15 (MNA) – Commander of IRGC Aerospace Force Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said Sat. the US merely knows the ‘language of force and power’, rather than ‘logic’, adding that they cannot be trusted.

  • موشک بالستیک 2016-05-09 13:26

    Iran test-fires ballistic missile with 2000km range

    TEHRAN, May 09 (MNA) – Iran has test-fired a long-range ballistic missile with only an 8-meter margin of error two weeks ago, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces announced Monday.

  • سردار سلامی 2016-05-04 11:12

    Iran ‘highly dangerous’ for foes: Salami

    TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) stressed if Americans plan to pose a threat to Iran’s security in the seas, the Iranian navy will be ‘highly dangerous’ for them.

  • S300 2016-04-17 11:39

    VIDEO: S-300 missile system unveiled in military parade

    TEHRAN, Apr. 17 (MNA) – Russia's S-300 surface-to-air missile system, the first part of which was delivered to Iran through the Caspian Sea, was unveiled during the military parade that marked Iran’s National Army Day on April 17.

  • ZARIF PRESSER 2016-04-16 15:42

    FM Zarif:

    Talks underway for opening of EU representative office in Iran

    TEHRAN, Apr. 16 (MNA) – Iranian FM Zarif in a Sat. presser with EU Chief Federica Mogherini said the two sides have conferred on preparing the grounds for the opening of EU representative office in Iran.

  • امیر پوردستان 2016-04-13 16:52

    Army Comdr.:

    Enemy now fueling sectarian war in ME

    TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – Commander of Army Ground Forces has said setting by Imam Khomeini a national day for army revived the status of ground forces to new level after the Revolution.

  • VELAYATI 2016-04-10 16:08


    ‘Assad still Iran’s redline’

    TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Head of Iran’s Strategic Research Center, noting the US’ interventionist policies in Middle East called John Kerry’s remarks on Iran baseless and reaffirmed that Syrian President Bashar Assad is still Iran’s redline.

  • دیدار وزرای امورخارجه ایران و استونی 2016-04-10 12:53


    No JCPOA possible over Iran’s defense program

    TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Underlining that no JCPOA is going to be signed over Iran’s defense issue, FM Zarif said the US clearly knows Iran’s defense and missile program is not negotiable.