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  • رونمایی ربات انسان نمای سورنا 3 2015-11-16 14:21

    By: Hadi Hirbodvash

    Iranian humanoid robot Surena III

    TEHRAN, Nov. 16 (MNA) – Developed by researchers at University of Tehran, Iranian humanoid robot ‘Surena III’ was unveiled today during a ceremony attended by Vice President for Science and Technology.

  • iran 2015-11-11 18:09

    Iran, Hungary to establish joint grant program

    TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – In line with expanding scientific cooperation with Hungary, Tehran and Budapest will establish a joint funding program to support research projects.

  • ستاری و وزیر کشاورزی مجارستان 2015-11-06 20:34

    Iran, Hungary to form joint cmte. on sci-tech coop.

    TEHRAN, Nov. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s VP for science and technology and the Hungarian minister of agriculture agreed to form a joint committee in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and environment.

  • سورنا ستاری 2015-10-14 12:17

    Iran 5th engineer trainer in world: VP

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s Vice President Sattari highlighted the productiveness of scientists and engineers and boasted the quality of engineer training programs of the IRI.

  • جنگنده روسی 2015-08-28 19:44

    Iran to buy Russian fighter-jets

    MOSCOW, Aug. 28 (MNA) – Iran's VP who has recently left Moscow has told the local media about undergoing talks on buying Russian fighter-jets.

  •   2015-08-27 19:50

    INSF providing research facilities to academicians

    TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) – Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) will provide support for those researchers whose research proposals have been approved and are willing to use facilities and laboratories of Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network.