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  • هسته ای 2017-10-11 09:32

    Iran, EU draft document on 2nd nuclear safety project

    TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – An Iranian delegation held talks with senior officials and nuclear security experts from the European Union on Tue. in Brussels to discuss cooperation on enhancing the country’s nuclear safety.

  • salehi 2017-10-11 09:07

    AEOI in London to meet with British officials

    TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi landed in London late Tuesday in order to meet and talk with a number of British authorities.

  • ارائه حکم جدید دکتر رهبر به عنوان رئیس دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی توسط دکتر علی اکبر ولایتی 2017-10-10 20:55

    US too petty to stand against IRGC

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Leader’s Senior Adviser in International Affairs said the US should know that IRGC represents the people of Iran in the Resistance Front against the avarice and expansionism of the US, the Zionists and their allies.

  • امیر عبداللهیان 2017-10-10 20:54

    Amir-Abdollahian meets Egyptian envoy to Tehran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met with Yasser Othman, head of Egyptian interest section office in Tehran, on Tuesday.

  • غلامعلی خوشرو 2017-10-10 20:53

    JCPOA violators to face Iran’s firm reaction: Iran UN envoy

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Khoshroo, Iran’s permanent Envoy to UN in New York, declared that Iran is ready to a blow a firm response to any signatory party of the nuclear deal who renege the accord.

  • حیدر العبادی 2017-10-10 20:50

    ISIL to be completely defeated in Iraq this year: Iraqi PM

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Khoshroo, Iran’s permanent Envoy to UN in New York, declared that Iran is ready to a blow a firm response to any signatory party of the nuclear deal who renege the accord.

  • حسین ذوالفقاری 2017-10-10 19:50

    Deputy interior min. confers on shared concerns with Afghans

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Hossein Zolfaghari, Iranian Deputy Interior Minister, met with Afghan security officials in Kabul on Tuesday.

  • بهرام قاسمی 2017-10-10 18:50

    Tanzanian FM due to Tehran: FM Spox

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Tanzanian FM will head a delegation to Tehran on Wednesday, broke the news Iranian FM Spokesperson Ghasemi on Tuesday.

  • طالبانی 2017-10-10 16:11

    Tehran to commemorate Talabani

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – A service event will be held in Tehran to pay tribute to late Iraqi President Talabani who passed away last week at 84.

  • Trump 2017-10-10 16:00

    Source: Sputnik

    What a moron!

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – An NBC News report earlier this month said US Secretary of State Tillerson had called Trump a "moron". Following that, President Trump in a Tue. interview offered to compare IQ tests with Rex Tillerson, adding "and I can tell you who is going to win."

  • پاستوری جیانلوکا 2017-10-10 14:25

    Italian expert:

    JCPOA main success of European diplomacy

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Dr. Pastori Gianluca says the JCPOA is main success of the European diplomacy, so he doesn't think the European Union is ready to abandon it.

  • iranmal 2017-10-10 14:19

    Iranian, Malaysian women to bolster trade relations

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked between Iran Malaysia Women Business Forum (IMWBF) and Women Entrepreneur Network of Malaysia (WENA) to elevate bilateral trade ties and boost investment opportunities.

  • پیشخدمت 2017-10-10 14:05

    ‘The Servant’ shortlisted for top prize at 2 intl. festivals

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iranian short animated piece ‘The Servant’ directed by Farnoush Abedi has been shortlisted for Best Animation Award at an American and British film festivals.

  • مسعود کرباسیان وزیر امور اقتصاد و دارایی 2017-10-10 14:01

    Tehran, Yerevan to cement economic coop.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iranian economy minister, at a meeting with head of Armenia’s SRC, called for resolve to reinvigorate economic collaboration between the two countries.

  • Zarif 2017/10/10

    By: Mohammad Javad Zarif

    Foreign meddling has wrought a fractured Middle East

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – In an article published in the American magazine 'The Atlantic' Tue., Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif argues that Iran has been unfairly maligned as rumors on Trump's decertification of the nuclear deal looms close.

  • جهرمی ارمنستان 2017-10-10 13:56

    Iran, Armenia to provide Turkmenistan with internet transit

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Following the agreements between Iran and Armenia, the two countries will provide Turkmenistan with internet transit.

  • Syria 2017-10-10 13:54

    Syrian Defense Ministry publishes US-led alliance support's new evidence for terrorists

    DAMASCUS , Oct. 10 (MNA) – The Defense Ministry published new evidence of the involvement of the Israeli occupation and the US-led international alliance in supporting, funding, and providing weapons and ammo to terrorist organizations in Syria.

  • انیمیشن تماشاچی 2017-10-10 13:53

    ‘Bystander’ to go on screen at TIFF

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iranian short animated piece ‘Bystander’ directed by Sheyda Kashi has found way into Tirana International Film Festival in Albania.

  • علی اکبر ولایتی 2017-10-10 13:44

    US after creating second Israel in eastern Syria

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iranian Leader’s Senior Adviser Ali Akbari Velayati warns that the increasing presence of the US in eastern Syria signifies their intention to split the region. They have the same plot for Iraq, looking for the formation of a second Israel.

  • امیر حاتمی 2017-10-10 13:32

    Oman’s air force chief meets with Iran’s MoD

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) met and talked with Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistical Support Brigadier General Amir Hatami.

  • محمدباقر نوبخت سخنگوی دولت رئیس سازمان مدیریت و برنامه ریزی 2017-10-10 13:00

    Cabinet spox:

    World indebted to IRGC in fighting terrorism

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Cabinet spokesperson Nobakht warned Tue. that Iran would deem in the same front as ISIL terrorists any country which designates the Revolutionary Guard Corps as a ‘terrorist organization’.

  • ایران و ترکیه 2017-10-10 12:05

    Iran, Turkey agree to use national currencies

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – A draft of MoU for using Iran’s rial and Turkey’s lira was inked by governors of Iranian and Turkish central banks.

  • آوانتاژ 2017-10-10 10:44

    ‘Advantage’ to vie at Germany’s Leipzig Festival

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iranian documentary, ‘Advantage’ directed by Mohammad Kart has made it to the 60th edition Dok Leipzig, Germany’s International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film as Iran’s sole representative.

  • Iran-Oman 2017-10-10 10:41

    Iran, Oman to step up IT coop.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Following the visit of an Iranian delegation of knowledge-based companies to Oman, the two countries reached agreement to expand bilateral cooperation in information technology.

  • Syrian  army 2017-10-10 10:41

    Syrian Army continues intensive operations against ISIL in Deir Ezzor

    DEIR EZZOR, Oct.10 (MNA) – Army units operating in Deir Ezzor conducted over the past few hours intensive operations against positions for ISIL terrorist organization in different parts of the province.

  • دادستانی کل - کراپ‌شده 2017-10-10 10:40

    Iran, Iraq judiciary bodies stress coop. in fight against Takfirism

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s Deputy Prosecutor General for Judicial Affairs Mohammad Javad Heshmati stressed the need for Iran and Iraq’s convergence and coordination in the fight against Takfiri groups.

  • salehi 2017-10-10 09:36

    AEOI head:

    Iran, Italy eye joint investment in quantum tech. project

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi and Italy’s Minister of Science Valeria Fedeli met in Rome on Mon. and called for closer cooperation in sectors of science, industry and advanced technology.

  • اتحادیه آفریقا 2017-10-10 09:35

    AU ready to consolidate ties with Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – African Union (AU) officials, at a meeting with Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Director General for African Affairs Mehdi Aghajafari, welcomed development of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • سردار محمدعلی جعفری فرمانده کل سپاه 2017-10-10 09:23

    Gen. Jafari:

    IRGC, FM share similar views on defense, security programs

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – IRGC commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said there is an excellent understanding between IRGC and FM Zarif in stating our stances against the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • جشنواره غذای محلی ویژه سالمندان در بیرجند 2017-10-10 08:56

    By: Mohsen Nofresti

    Local Food Festival for elderly in Birjand

    BIRJAND, Oct. 10 (MNA) – The Local Food Festival for the elderly was held in Birjand, South Khorasan province, to offer healthy and proper food for elderly population.