TEHRAN, June 29 (MNA) -- MP Reza Tala’i-Nik said here Monday that Iran should not rely only on optimism to resolve the issue of its nuclear dossier, noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran should abide by its commitments within the framework of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and should avoid giving any concessions to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Union and should not allow them to make illegal demands.

Tala’i-Nik told the Mehr News Agency that Iranian negotiators should put attaining Iran’s inalienable right to develop civilian nuclear technology on the top of their agenda and should not budge on Iran’s legitimate position, in line with the guidelines of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei.


The member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission stated that Iran’s nuclear dossier is being politicized, overshadowing the technical and legal issues. He cited as examples the unfounded pretexts brought up by the IAEA and the EU as well as the competition between the EU and the United States in pursuing their own interests.


He also suggested that Iran should clear up the misunderstandings regarding technical and legal issues of its nuclear dossier, and prove that it has completely cooperated with the IAEA from the beginning, using all of its political and economic capabilities to respond to the unfounded pretexts brought up by the U.S. and the EU.


The Tehran Declaration and the Brussels agreement have run into problems due to Iran’s over-optimistic approach and the fact that it did not pay sufficient attention to EU obstructionism, he said, adding that the suspension of uranium enrichment and the implementation of the terms of the additional protocol to the NPT should be canceled before the Majlis approves the moves and until the IAEA and the EU live up to their commitments.


Tala’i-Nik noted that the U.S. and certain European countries, besides seeking political and economical goals, are carrying out a kind of psychological operation (psyops) in regard to Iran’s nuclear dossier.


In conclusion, the MP observed that at such a sensitive juncture, officials and the mass media should offer correct information to prevent the public from being misled, while legally following up the nuclear dossier, and said he believes that Iran should accept no new commitment that is against the national interests. 






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