TEHRAN, June 19 (MNA) -- The music of the Azarbaijan region of Iran has special features distinguishing it from other national music because of its emphasis on improvisational instrumental music and singing.

An Azari singer uses his unique creativity and imagination to perform each song in the framework style of the source.


Azari music is classified in five categories: Ashiq singers (who specialize in love songs), national and modal songs, mourning and religious music, work songs, and music performed for wedding ceremonies.


Azari Ashiqs in fact are the custodians of the magnificent art and literary treasures of our country. They continue the local traditions by performing their songs which have idealistic and humanitarian themes.


In the past an Ashiq was called an Ozan, Varsaq, or Yanshaq. The greatest were Dada Yar from the 16th century, Torab Dada from the 18th century, Dada Qasem from the 19th century, as well as Dada Qur Qud who is acknowledged as the greatest Ashiq in Azari history.


In national and modal songs artists sing about the motherland and its heroes.


During mourning and religious ceremonies, Aghi poems are performed.


Work music is mostly sung by farmers during the planting and harvesting seasons.


Wedding music is accompanied by dance and various songs which are mostly local. These songs, which are sometimes comic, are also performed in courting and engagement ceremonies.






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