TEHRAN, June 6 (MNA) – Iran on Sunday urged the interim Iraqi administration to prepare the ground for the full sovereignty of the Iraqi nation by arranging a free and democratic election.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Iran wants an elected and democratic government to take over in Iraq as soon as possible.


Iran will continue its cooperation with the current Iraqi government as it cooperated with the previous government, Asefi told a news briefing.


On the UN draft resolution on Iraq which is now being discussed by the Security Council, Asefi said three points should be clarified in the resolution: first, the resolution should provide full sovereignty to the Iraqi people, secondly, it should clarify how long occupation forces will remain in Iraq, and thirdly, the relationship between the multinational forces and the interim government should be defined.


He went on to say that neither Iran nor the United States have the right to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs. Asefi also said the U.S. made a huge mistake in thinking that the Iraqi people would accept imposed democracy because democracy should be homegrown.


Iran was one of the first countries to recognize the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, although it has been extremely critical of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.






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