The play “Listen” is a slice of a life. Nahid is a young woman full of hopes, and desires who sees life through rose-colored glasses. Ignoring life’s hardships, she lives for an imagined future. On the contrary, her husband Bijan is a weak and cowardly person who laments his problems defeating himself from the outset, finally leaving her, freeing himself from life’s adversity.

* Review of the Play “Listen”

* Writer: Mohammad Reza’i Rad

* Director: Anahita Eqbalnejad

* Cast: Anahita Eqbalnejad

* Synopsis: Bijan Abdi and Nahid Yaghma’i are a young troubled couple who daydream about a married life full of ambitions, hopes and wishes, but end up with a distorted life.


Nahid’s character in the story is a new definition of modern woman, although the writer has taken it to the extreme by not actually having the character of Bijan appear on stage. Establishing him as the only guilty person in the story provokes the ire of the viewer toward Bijan while presenting Nahid as a thoroughly oppressed woman.


The stage design is simple and inviting. As the story unfolds, the audience understands the stage has been designed to show the inner turmoil of the young couple’s tense and disordered life. The lighting auspiciously compliments the scenarios as it goes unnoticed. Except for a few scenes featuring techno pop, the same can be said of the music; wise choices that smoothly move the story. 


The costume design is insignificant within the constructs of the play although Nahid’s black dress in the final scene does represent her demise.


Bad acting would be glaringly obvious in a one-person performance but as both director and actor, Eqbalnejad has for the most part successfully communicated with her audience through proper staging and movement of action throughout the play. However the ending is a bit implausible.





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