Iranian Sunni cleric blasts Wahhabist muftis

TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) – A Friday prayer Imam in Iran’s southern city of Charak has denounced Wahhabist fatwa of Jihad al-Nikah.

Mehr News reported that Masoud Rahbar, the Friday prayer Imam told the audience that in no Islamic source has any reference been made to Jihad al-Nikah.  He also believed that war and insecurity in Islamic countries as unnatural and intentional. “ during 2010 revolutions in Islamic countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, which brought forth Islamic Awakening, the dominance and Zionism to a larger extend succeeded to isolate and mislead the popular revolution and to weaken these countries,” added Rahbar.

Commenting on the Islamic Awakening in Egypt, he said that Hosni Mubarak’s corrupt regime was toppled first by popular unrest and then a democratic government came to power. “but since west and the US feared fruits of Islamic Awakening, downed the democratic government through a coup by Egypt’s army chief-of-staff, so that civil war and anarchy would weaken national resources of this Islamic country,” he added. The Imam described violence and instability in most of Islamic country as ‘unnatural,’ and ‘intentional,’ adding that fostering an atmosphere of distrust among different tribes, waging war among different Islamic sects, and representing a bad face of Islam as a violent and blood-thirsty religion by Zionist agents who knew nothing of Islam were among objectives sought by US and Zionist spy networks in cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the region.

Sheikh Rahbar believed that silence by Islamic countries against cruelties and violence in Syria as participation in the Takfiri terrorists’ crimes. “Wahhabist terrorists are no longer Muslims, let alone they dare to excommunicate others from Islam,” he said, and that “those who do not grant merci on innocent woman and children, and tear out Syrian soldier’s liver and eat; desecrate the shrines of the Prophet Mohammad’s close companions; behead innocent people merely for their disbelief in Wahhabist faith; these are out of Islam, but even out of humanity.”

On the fatwa decreed by Wahhabist mufti on Jihad al-Nikah, Sheikh Rahbar pointed out that in no place in Islamic tradition has a reference been made to this, but that “this devil plan is the fabrication of the sick imagination of these muftis to justify the Takfiri terrorists’ lasciviousness and to use an Islamic guise for inhumane action to expedite their affairs.”

Rahbar also pointed to Eid al-Adha terrorist blasts in Iraq. “Suicide attacks are carried out only to fire the hatred and animosity between Shiite and Sunni and to provoke the victim families for revenge,” he said, adding that they should answer to the question that where in Islamic tradition, Quran, and hadith (accounts of the Prophet’s statements) depriving of a human being amounted to paradise. All wars in early Islamic period were for defensive purposes and not for killing and plundering. “Our faith is faith of peace, morality, and humanity; not a religion of savagery and wanton killing,” the Imam continued.

He also condemned killings of Muslims in Islamic countries by Wahhabist sect. “Countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar see well the crimes, but since they are puppet regimes of the west, they would not do anything, but to implement orders of their Zionist and American lords,” he added.


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