110 Sharif Uni. elite students write letter to Zarif

TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – In a letter to Iran’s FM, Sharif University elite students has called Foreign Minister to ‘stiffer’ position in Genève round of talks.

Mehr News received a copy of letter signed by 110 elite students in Sharif University of Technology sent to Mohammad Javad Zarif after the first round of Genève nuclear negotiations with P5+1. The letter called Zarif for ‘no concessions of undisputed rights of Iranian people with relying on elites.’

The full text of the letter is as follows:

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,”

To Dr. Zarif, Foreign Minister,

We, the elite students of Sharif University of Technology, believe that high and unique place of the Islamic Republic of Iran among other nations after three decades since the Revolution has not been achieved except for the sacrifices made by likes of our classmates martyr Mostafa Ahmadi Rowshan; [all should know that ] the unparalleled advances of the Islamic Republic in science and technology could not have been achieved except for hard effort and great suffering by these endeared sons of the country. We believe ourselves as followers of these great men, and will fulfill the sublime Islamic Revolutionary ideals with relying upon God through hard work in science and technology.”

“We, a group of young elites, state that reliance upon and investing trust on domestic capacities and potentials is the sole true path to the advancement and flourishing of the Islamic country, and believe that only through consolidation of system’s internal structures would we bring strength and international prestige for the Islamic Iran. We believe accurate evaluation of native capabilities as the only contributing factor to solution of issues inside, and we do not invest hope and trust upon beyond our noble borders.”

“From this perspective, we, as a small part of country’s elite, reassure the negotiating team and other high ranking officials that we would be likes of Mostafa Ahmadi Rowshan and Majid Shahriari to the last drop of our blood, so that we may promote the cause of this great achievement, that is, consolidating internal structures in the path to advancement and fostering justice in our Islamic country.”

“Our sole demand for the negotiating team in such a critical time and above all, you as the head of the team, is that, do not yield even an inch from the undisputed rights of Iranian people during negotiations, and from a position of authority, protect the dignity and independence of the Iranian nation and, relying upon the young elites, stand  against any excess and dominance; and through innovative and active diplomacy, and knowing the true nature of our relations with the enemies, emulate this example provided by the Supreme Leaders’ sagacious saying that: ‘the Islamic Republic’s political representatives in any part of the world should be sharper than the sword, softer than silk, and harder than rock and steel.’”


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