Goverenment would not tolerate pressures on universities: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s president has said it is a source of shame for a government that students and professors of universities refrain from expressing themselves.

Mehr News quoted Hassan Rouhani addressing the ceremony of opening of educational year for schools and universities. In his address, Rouhani paid homage to late Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, who leads the nation in the path laid by Imam himself.

“University of Tehran is a link between the modern education and old tradition of education. University is a place for expression of ideas, and only a language, that is the language of science, wisdom, and rationality, would be accepted [in university],” said Rouhani, adding that “academic freedom should be recognized for students along with academic rules, so that we can foster science and wisdom together.

He asserted that he would not tolerate pressures mounted upon university students by specific circles, and that “only a single group in an Islamic university would be blamed, and that group is who mismanage the production of knowledge; but we should not mired on the vicious circle of untimely retirement of the professors.”

Rouhani quoted saying by Imam Ali (as) that “only through genuine debate can we arrive at the truth.” He addressed specific ally university students, professors, and other authorities and also Parliamentarians. “My dear friends, if you create a police state, you [definitely] will foster hypocrisy,” he told the audience, adding that his government [prudence and hope] would take pride on free university and critic, true culture and one which fostered thinking and learning, and on expert citizen, “and would demand universities to cooperate with you, as this was you who created June 14; and gave the victory for prudence, hope, and moderation against despair and extremism.”

“Our dear nation answered whole-heartedly the call by university and academicians and created the ‘glorious election’ turnout, effectively mounting to the favorite political epic, and God willing, they would achieve economic ‘epic’ as well,” Rouhani pointed out.

The president also pointed to his government plan of ‘constructive cooperation with the world,’ and said that the administration would remain steadfast in this path. “we [the government] know that the world of politics is a complex world; nevertheless, we should believe that the same world of politics bowed before June 14 event,” added he, and that “in my visit to New York, I saw the greatness of our nation in world nations’ view, and I would confidently tell you that all developed countries demanded a visit to Iran’s president. They no longer spoke with us as before to just provide recommendations for us; but questioned us and expressed their willingness to cooperate in regional and international issues.”

Rouhani ended his address with a demand from the Ministry of Intelligence and security circles. “ you all university students as educated and best part of our nation should to attend academic circles and conferences through production of science, papers, and research, and I would demand the Ministry of Intelligence and security authorities to open up the path for diplomacy for all of you and pave the way,” said Rouhani.


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