Obama remarks disrespectful to Iranian people: Zarif

TEHRAN, Oct. 5 (MNA) - Iranian FM has criticized the US President’s position in meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mehr News reported that in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Mohammad Javad Zarif believed that Obama’s remarks were ‘disrespectful of Iranian people.’ Last week, Obama, after a meeting with Netanyahu, Zionist regime PM, had said that every option including the military option was on the table. Obama ensured Zionists that the US would not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

"Well, I believe political leaders have to exercise leadership. I was rather disappointed that President Obama used language that was insulting to the Iranian people. I believe President Obama should, in fact, stick to his declared intention to deal with Iran on the basis of mutual respect. That’s what he said in his letter to the president. That’s what he said in his address to the General Assembly," Zarif told Fareed Zakaria as asked what he thought about President Obama’s statement with Zionist regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.

"You do not deal with another state with mutual respect by threatening them, by trying to intimidate them, particularly when you know that that is not useful, that is not of any utility. As I said, the Iranian people react very, very negatively to such languages of threat and intimidation," Zarif told CNN.

The whole interview will be aired in CNN tomorrow (Sunday). Hassan Rouhani and Mohammad Javad Zarif managed to create a positive wave for Iran’s interests through interviews and meetings in the sidelines of 68th UN General Assembly in New York.


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