Netanyahu exacerbating horror in Occupied Territories: Firouz Abadi

TEHRAN, Oct. 2 (MNA) – Iran’s Chief of Staff of Armed Forces has said Netanyahu’s position has plunged the Zionists into horror, already in tenterhooks.

Mehr News quoted Major Gen. Seyed Hassan Firouzabadi, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces responding to brazen and intimidating remarks in UN against Iran by Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of a fake and occupier Zionist regime. 

“Not only did Netanyahu register his name as a warmonger in UN board, but also his remarks had no achievement for Zionists, other than that plunged them into deeper horror,” added Firouzabadi.

“Netanyahu’s remarks were desperate. The military option has now been a blunt, rusty, and old-fashioned weapon, being in a table which is missing legs and is quite unstable,” said he.

Elaborating on the dignity, greatness, and strength of the Iranian nation, and the Islamic regime’s cunning strategy of ‘heroic leniency,’ Firouzabadi said that the Iranian nation would be the winners in the field with heroic leniency, and that “this nation will remain steadfast on its Revolutionary stance.”   

Firouzabadi also pointed to belligerent and threatening positions by Netanyahu. “The Resistance Front, now hardened and sober as the result of fighting, will improve its preparation thanks to the weak positions taken out of fear by the Zionist regime,” he added.


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