Producing bio-coal from vegetable and animal waste

TEHRAN, Feb. 4 (MNA) – Researchers in University of Tehran has developed a machine which processes vegetable and animal waste to produce bio-coal.

Ali Moharrek, the project manager told MNA that his new invented machine is able to collect, pre-process and compress vegetable and animal waste to produce bio-coal. “The machine is installed on a tractor which moves around and collects vegetable and animal waste, and produces coal,” he added.

“The process of coal-making is similar to natural process of coal formation. The machine produces coal by using constant pressure and high temperature,” said Moharrek, “the lignite content of the vegetable waste will be processed, and is melted into layers similar to ethanol,” he explained.

“The temperature needed for this process is 200 degrees Celsius and the pressure is 700 mega Pascal (MPa),” the manager project said. “Coal produced in this way has ethanol layers and when burning, produces carbon dioxide and hydrogen,” he said. “The advantage for this process is that because it burns ethanol, it would convert to hydrogen, and at the end of the burning process it only remains ashes,” he added.


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