QOM, April 8 (MNA) -- Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said that Iran’s expression of support for the uprisings in the Arab world has nothing to do with Shiism or Sunnism.

Larijani made the remarks in Qom on Thursday in response to certain Arab officials who have recently accused Iran of interfering in the affairs of the countries that have been swept by anti-government protests.

Talking to reporters, Larijani said, “Iran threw its weight behind the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen while these countries are mostly populated by Sunni Muslims.”

“Iran looks at the issues from the humanitarian point of view,” he added.

Larijani also said that the Arab peoples, who are seeking a change in their governments, want to see their legitimate demands acknowledged, and this is the main reason why the Islamic Republic is backing them.

He stated that the demands of the anti-government protesters are similar to those made by the European nations a few centuries ago.

Now, the European countries and the United States are expected to defend the rights, which their own people demanded a few centuries ago and were recognized, the Iranian parliament speaker noted.

Commenting on the worsening political crisis in Bahrain, the home to the fifth fleet of the U.S. navy, Larijani said, “The people’s demands for their rights must not be responded to with bullets.”

He added that the officials of certain Arab countries are seeking to sow discord among the protesters.

On Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Bahrain, Larijani said, “This is not a solution to the problem.”

He also warned the U.S. and its allies against their support for the long-ensconced dictators in the region, saying it will not be in their interests.

Asked about the overtures offered by Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil el-Arabi, Larijani said that it was a great step toward the reestablishment of ties between the two countries and this emanates from the Egyptian revolution.

However, some preliminary work needs to be carried out by Egypt in this regard, he stated.


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