TEHRAN, Sept. 26 (MNA) -- Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs Javad Shamaqdari says that he plans to make a documentary about the sideline events of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s latest visit to UN headquarters in New York.

Shamaqdari was a member of the delegation accompanying Ahmadinejad during his trip to New York.
He gave no other details about his planned film, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Friday.
Filmmaker Shamaqdari, who was the director of “The Sand Storm”, on the U.S. defeat in “Operation Eagle Claw”, was appointed as art advisor to Ahmadinejad after he won the presidential election in 2005. He had made a campaign film for Ahmadinejad.
He made another campaign film for Ahmadinejad in the June 2009 presidential election.
“I will be of whatever service the president wants, even for sweeping!,” Shamaqdari said after Ahmadinejad designated him as one of his options for Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the new administration in 2009.
Analysts predicted a slim chance for Shamaqdari to gain the approval of the Iranian Majlis to secure the position. Consequently, Ahmadinejad tapped Mohammad Hosseini to be head of the ministry.
He was one of the main opponents of Oliver Stone’s plan for making Ahmadinejad’s biopic in 2007.
He scorned Stone’s request, stating that a positive response from President Ahmadinejad’s office for Stone to make a documentary about the president would be dependent upon a positive response from President George Bush’s office allowing an Iranian director to make a film about President Bush.
Shamaqdari denounced the Iranian House of Cinema for its decision to invite a Hollywood delegation led by Sid Ganis, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, to Iran in March 2009.
Shamaqdari demanded that the delegation apologize for Hollywood’s perceived past sins during the Hollywood delegation’s visit to Iran.
However, it appears to have been a non-issue for him to have visited academy members while in New York!
When questioned about the encounter, Shamaqdari responded that he talked about the Iranian submission for an Oscar, “Farewell Baghdad”, during his meeting with academy members on the trip to New York.
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