TEHRAN, Sept. 20 (MNA) -- An investor plans to install a 3D cinema projector in the Kataleh Khor Cave in Zanjan Province, an official from Zanjan Municipality said.

Based on the investor’s proposal, images of the lower levels of the cave will be recorded in 3D using the new technology. This will give people the opportunity to see the lower strata of the cave which are astonishingly beautiful, Mohammad-Mehdi Ahmadian said on Monday.

 “Visitors don’t have access to see these strata, so while they wait in the lobby to visit the cave,  they can watch these 3D films projected on screen there,” he said.

 Ahmadian expressed hope to implement the project before Noruz, when the number of visitors swells every year.

 Kataleh Khor Cave is located in the heart of Mount Saqizlu, 140 kilometers southwest of the northwestern city of Zanjan. The cave has beautiful interior chambers with huge transparent stalactites that fascinate every visitor.

 The word Kataleh Khor is said to have several meanings including mount-sun, or a village without sun. But, the most appropriate meaning is that kataleh means terrain relief and khor means ease. Together the words mean easy and comfortable terrain reliefs.

 It is said that the cave was discovered about 90 years ago but it was not registered until Ahmad Jamali did so in 1952.

 Presently, the cave has three dry strata while the fourth stratum and those below it are filled with water.

 Geological studies in 1984 showed that formation of the cave dates back to the Jurassic period. It is believed that the cave joins Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan Province.

Photo: A corridor build by the Zanjan Municipality for visitors is seen in an undated photo.





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