Musician laments piracy of “Santur Player” music

TEHRAN, Sept. 18 (MNA) -- Musician Ardavan Kamkar who composed and performed on the santur in Dariush Mehrjuii’s “Santur Player” expressed his displeasure over recent events and piracy of his film music when he noticed bootleg CDs of his album for sale on Tehran’s black market.

“The pirated CDs came as a severe blow because I was planning to release the film’s soundtrack album in a few days,” he told the Persian service of ISNA on Saturday.

Directed by Dariush Mehrjuii, “The Santur Player” was scheduled to premiere in 2007, but the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance replaced it on the premiere schedule with Iraj Qaderi’s “The Trial”, without giving an explanation for the decision.

Starring Bahram Radan and Golshifteh Farahani, “The Santur Player” is about a santur virtuoso and singer named Ali who becomes a drug addict.

In July 2010 three years after production, “The Santur Player”, which never premiered in Iran, was finally released on the Iranian home video network.

“I was never willing to compose the music for the film under any circumstances, and perhaps it took one year for Mehrjuii to convince me to do so. I even offered several students of mine but he insisted that I must take on the project.

“It was a difficult task. I had to be present most of the time during filming and first, I had to train actor Bahram Radan (who plays the role of Ali) how to play the santur. He was bright and learned quickly, but we decided to teach him only the gestures of playing and I had to play the santur myself in most of the scenes,” he explained.

On his opinion about Mohsen Chavoshi who originally sang the music where Radan had to lip-sync, he said, “I had no part in choosing the vocalist and it was the director who chose Chavoshi. He is a competent singer but I would never agree to play santur while Chavoshi sings,” he remarked.

“The pirated CD of the music is a huge violation of my rights. I still don’t know who released this album, since the deceased producer Faraz Farazmand and I were the only ones who possessed a master CD.

“I am still planning to release the album soon, but I must also emphasize that I never received compensation befitting my music or myself for this project,” he stated.

He continued that he was asked to compose music for a film produced in Turkey. “I wrote a five-minute composition and I was paid a sum equal to the amount I received for the entire ‘Santur Player’ project.

“If a film can reflect positively upon me or make money for me or increase my popularity, then I would consider collaboration. If not, I will never enter into the world of cinema again,” he concluded.


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