Leader: Global arrogance has targeted Islam, holy Quran

TEHRAN, Sept. 14 (MNA) -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei issued a statement on Monday censuring the desecration of the Quran, saying the global arrogance has launched a fight against Islam and Quran.

The Leader said the move is the continuation of the sinister actions instigated by the apostate British writer, Salman Rushdie, and the Danish cartoonist.

The Leader’s remarks came in response to the calls to desecrate the Quran and an unfortunate incidence of Quran burning in the United States.

“This event and events before it clearly show that today dear Islam and the holy Quran are the targets of the global arrogance system,” the Leader explained in his statement.

The Leader said the “mad and hateful” action of burning the Quran in the United States before the eyes of police is a bitter incident which cannot be simply attributed to a stupid move by some mercenary elements.

“It was a thought-out move that was started years ago by centers that have put Islamophobia and anti-Islamism on their agenda and launched a campaign against Islam and the Quran through hundreds of ways and thousands of propagandistic tools and operations,” he explained.

“This is another link in a chain of sinister acts which was started by the treason of apostate Salman Rushdie and continued with the move of the wicked Danish cartoonist and tens of anti-Islam films in Hollywood and now it has reached this hateful show,” he noted.


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