World War II documents found in bag of former Iranian monarch

TEHRAN, Sept. 8 (MNA) -- A number of documents on World War II have been discovered in a bag that is said to have belonged to the former Iranian monarch Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The bag was found in the trunk of one of the Shah’s Rolls-Royces when it was being prepared for a showcase in Tehran last week, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The trunk of the Rolls-Royce, which is kept at a parking of the Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex, has not been opened over the past 32 years, complex director Alireza Moqimi said.

“The contents of the brown leather bag include documents about World War II on official royal sheets in several folders,” Moqimi explained.

A folder containing a number of the foreign ministry’s papers is also among the contents, he added.

Moqimi said that the documents would be described in detail after antiseptic treatment is completed.

“No securities, gold objects, or other items that could be easily exchanged for money were found,” he noted.

According to Moqimi, they did not have a key for the Rolls-Royce. Thus, nobody knew about the contents of the car’s trunk before last week.

He said that there are only two examples of the specific model of Rolls-Royce in the world and no one had a key to open the trunk.

“Some people believed that the car would have to be sent to the Rolls-Royce Company to make a key for it, but they declined to do so due to the shipment restrictions,” Moqimi said.

“The car has a complex lock so ordinary locksmiths are not able to open the doors of the car. Experts used special techniques to open the trunk,” he added.

The discovery has been disputed by the director of the Office for Iranian Contemporary History Studies

Abbas Salimi believes that Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) Director Hamid Baqaii has been hoodwinked by an expert who claims that he has discovered documents about World War II.

“The expert knows that the CHTHO director lacks historical knowledge so he has made attempts to curry favor with him,” Salimi said.

Baqaii had previously said that they were compiling documents to demand compensation from the Allies for violation of Iran’s neutrality during World War II.

Salimi said that there are compelling documents in Iran suggesting that Britain used Iranian facilities during WWII.

“I was sad to see Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaii appointed as director of the CHTHO. Later on, I was even more saddened when Baqaii succeeded him as head of the organization,” Salimi lamented.

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office Rahim-Mashaii was the former CHTHO director.


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