Ali-Akbar Sanati’s artworks to move to Kerman

TEHRAN, Sept. 6 (MNA) -- Works by Iranian sculptor Ali-Akbar Sanati will be moved from the Red Crescent Museum in Tehran to rest permanently in the Sanati Museum in Kerman.

Works by the master are in danger and the president agreed to transfer the items to Kerman, director of the Cultural Commission of Kerman City Council Zahra Lori told the Persian service of MNA on Monday.

Sanati was born in 1916 in Kerman. He lost his father at an early age and his mother was forced to send him to an orphanage. His talent in painting was evident in childhood, and the director of the orphanage sent him to Tehran to continue his studies.

Creations by Sanati consist of over 1000 paintings and 400 sculptures, some of which are kept in Tehran under unsuitable conditions and some remain in Kerman.

Sanati studied at the Kamalolmolk School where he was taught by master painters Abolhassan Sediqi, Ali-Mohammad Heydarian, Hossein Khan Sheikhi, and Ali Rokhsar.

“We were determined to transfer the items, and fortunately, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad agreed with the idea,” Lori said.

This is while the museum in Tehran located on Imam Khomeini Square (Tupkhaneh) was reopened on August 29 and the building is currently undergoing renovation. But the artworks are being kept under unsuitable conditions.

The museum houses busts and statues of world famous figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Shah Abbas, Mohammad-Taqi Bahar, and Nader Shah Afshar.

Sanati received a BA in painting in 1940 and returned to Kerman later that year. He taught forty children in an orphanage for five years to show his gratitude for having been raised in such an institution.

He established a museum in 1946 at Imam Khomeini Square and transferred it to the then Red Lion and Sun Society (now called the Red Crescent Society).

However, his museum in Tupkhaneh was ransacked by rioters during the coup which toppled the nationalist government of prime minister Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953, and most of his sculptures were destroyed.

Former president Mohammad Khatami awarded Ali-Akbar Sanati an honorary degree in art for his 60 years of dedicated service.

Sanati died in Tehran on April 2. He was 90 years old.


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