“Outcasts 2” joins Iran’s pirated movies list

TEHRAN, May 26 (MNA) -- Iran’s box office record-breaker “The Outcasts 2” has been pirated, director Masud Dehnamaki announced on Monday in his personal weblog.

On Tuesday producer Habibollah Kasesaz confirmed the news and said that the copy was pirated two days ago, adding, “We did our best to protect the original copies, but it was finally pirated.”


Kasesaz remarked that, “The cast and crew do not like to see any one purchasing the illicitly sold copies. We invite people to wait for the original copies which will be coming out from distributors in the next few weeks.”


On the other hand, Film Anti-piracy Committee director Ebrahim Darughehzadeh announced on Tuesday that the pirated copy found its way to the black market from the commercial department of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting).


Darughehzadeh said since two years ago the original copies have been coded to help distributors follow the distributing process more carefully, “but when a film enters the black market, it is hard to quickly stop its illicit distribution.”


He asked people not to purchase the pirated copy saying that the copy isn’t of good quality and mentioned that the police are seriously pursuing the case.


“The Outcasts 2” went on screen in 20 cinemas in Tehran and tens of movie theaters in cities across the country a few days before the Noruz holiday. It has become a box office hit, generating revenues of about 80 billion rials (about 8 million dollars) so far. It is still on screen.


Two years ago, pirated copies of first part of “The Outcasts” were distributed across the country, which cut into the sales revenue of the movie.


The first part of the comedy “The Outcasts” was based on a real story highlighting Majid Suzuki, a gangster from southern Tehran who falls in love with Narges, the daughter of Mirza, a pious man. Majid is compelled to reform himself in order to marry Narges, so he sets off to the front during the Iran-Iraq war followed by his comrades.


“The Outcasts 2” begins with the martyrdom of Majid Susuki and the capture of his friends by Iraqi Baathists. The storyline then continues in prisoner of war camps.


Most of the stars of the first comedy also play in the sequel, including Akbar Abdi, Amin Hayaii, Negar Foruzandeh, Niusha Zeighami, and Mohammadreza Sharifinia. Javad Razavian, Shila Khodadad, and Mehraveh Sharifinia are also among the members of the cast.





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