Rezaii says will present ‘mutual changes package’ to U.S.

TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) -- Presidential contender Mohsen Rezaii stated on Sunday that he will present a “mutual changes package” to the United States if he wins the June 12 presidential election.

In this package, Iran will ask U.S. officials what steps they plan to take and tell them what steps Iran plans to take, he explained.


“The administration should implement the Leader’s policies in this respect, and so we will offer the U.S. a package of mutual changes,” he told reporters at a press conference at the offices of the Tehran Times and the Mehr News Agency.


In response to U.S. President Barack Obama’s videotaped message to Iran in March, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said, “should you change, our behavior will change, too.”


Rezaii said there have been a number of new developments in the United States since President Obama entered the White House.


“I am optimistic about these changes… but this issue does not mean that we will stop being vigilant toward the United States,” Rezaii added.


The Expediency Council secretary said his plan is a proactive approach that will help differentiate between “grounds for cooperation” and other areas the two countries would not agree on.    


Rezaii said that if he is elected, his administration will use the package of proposals to assess U.S. officials’ attitude toward Iran.


Palestine is one of the issues that the two sides would not see eye to eye on, he pointed out.


However, the issue of environmental protection in the Persian Gulf could be an area for cooperation between the two countries, he noted.  


“We (plan to) establish a joint commission to protect the ecosystem of the Persian Gulf and create a fund to collect assistance from Persian Gulf countries and even from the United States to try to protect the environment of this region.”  


He went on to say that 40 percent of the world’s military forces and military equipment has been deployed in the Middle East and this has turned the region into a “military barracks”.


Rezaii said he entered the presidential race to end all the threats, wars, conflicts, and killings in the region.


The former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps stated that he will push for the establishment of a Union of Southwest Asia to create a sense of common destiny in order to bring the Persian Gulf region, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus out of the shadow of militarism.


He went on to say that if he becomes president, the Zionist regime “will no longer dare to threaten Iran” because the Israelis know him and his allies. 


The conservative presidential hopeful also criticized the current administration for its failure to prevent the removal of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization from the European Union terrorist list.


“The administration could have prevented this move through some simple steps,” he stated.


In January, the EU decided to remove the MKO from its terrorist blacklist. The MKO had been on the EU’s list of groups classified as terrorist organizations since 2002.





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