TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) -- Nasrollah Kasraian has published photos he took over the past thirty years in a book entitled “Deserts of Iran.”


Published by Agah Publications, the book contains photos from the deserts of Lut and Markazi, and several other smaller deserts across the country.


The introduction of the book reads, “The first time I seriously began photographing in the desert, I set off with my brother, Qodrat, who was still alive in those years, and a friend named Manuchehr. Not many roads had been constructed in the deserts in those days, and we used to pick a trail and continue our way.


“Ursa Minor and Ursa Major were in the sky but what attracted me the most was the silence of the desert, a silence which we all desperately need,” he added.


“In this collection, I concentrated on two main features of the desert; its physical aspects which means the desert and salt marshes, and its more subtle aspects. People’s daily lives and the living creatures of the deserts are also captured in the photos in the book,” he explained.


Photos of storms, night, sunsets, sunrises and life in the desert also appear in the collection.


Nasrollah Kasraian was born in 1944 in Khorramabad. He took an interest in photography already as a young man, but it was not until his second year of Law school in Tehran that he met a French photographer who inspired him with new ideas and techniques in nature photography.


He has so far published more than 20 photo collections (three of them published abroad), covering all parts of Iran. His most successful publications are “Our Homeland Iran,” “Nomads of Iran,” “Kurds of Iran,” ”Turkmen of Iran,” ”Baluchestan” and “Architecture of Iran.”






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