Iran Zamin Party backs off from Mousavi endorsement

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Islamic Iran Zamin Party leader Abolghasem Ra’oufian said IIZP has decide that it will not support Mir-Hossein Mousavi in the presidential election.

He said on Thursday that the party’s reason for not backing Mousavi was that the candidate is being surrounded by some political figures the party does not approve of.


He described Mousavi as a respectable and capable person who could succeed to garner a considerable number of principlists’ votes if he sidestepped certain figures.


Ra’oufian, who also predicted that the election will go to a runoff, said the party will wait until the second round and then will decide by assessing the situation.


Iran Youth Party backs Mousavi


Mahdi Alikhani stated on Friday that the Islamic Iran Youth Party (IIYP) supports Mousavi in the election. Talking in a gathering of reformist figures in Tehran, Alikhani also said his party highly respects Karroubi for his brave stance toward issues and his candid language.


Reform Principlists Front backs Ahmadinejad


In a statement issued on Friday the Reform Islamic Iran Principlist Front officially announced support for Ahmadinejad in the presidential campaign, the Fars News Agency reported. It said Ahmadinejad’s characteristics and qualifications prompted the front to back him.


Karroubi calls for huge turnout


Presidential candidate Karroubi stated on Friday that the country’s situation will definitely change if there be a massive turnout in the election. Talking in the “first congress on free citizen” in Tehran, he said that people should not leave the scene and should come to polls if they really seek a change.   


Ahmadinejad would choose competent figures


Mojtaba Samareh-Hashemi stated on Friday that Ahmadinejad will choose his next cabinet members based on qualification and not political affiliation in reelected president. Talking in a press conference, Ahmadinejad’s campaign chief said that the incumbent president will choose those who are more competent.






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