Mousavi says he will institutionalize ethnic view

TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) -- Presidential hopeful Mousavi stated on Wednesday that he will institutionalize a view on the races and tribes in country.

Talking in a gathering on the diversity of races in Tehran, he noted that ethnic diversity is an “opportunity”. 


The former prime minister said that political, cultural, and ethnic issues should not be seen from security viewpoints.


By widening views toward ethnic minorities, not only people’s status can be improved in the society but also the country can find a proper status in the world, he cited.


Mousavi added that he will establish a foundation to safeguard ethnic languages and even developing them. 


He said that the government can promote solidarity and empathy among races.


He noted that the distribution of wealth, creating equal opportunities, and eliminating economic injustice are his plans for all races if he wins the presidential race.


Poverty is result of mismanagement   


Presidential candidate Karroubi stated on Wednesday that “poverty is the result of mismanagement”. Talking in outskirts of Ardebil city, he said that mismanagement has driven many people poor who are forced to live in suburbs. He emphasized that this situation should be changed.


He promised to provide services for those who live in outskirts if he wins the presidential campaign.


Real campaign is between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad


Hossein Marashi stated on Tuesday that the serious campaign is between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. The Servants of Construction Party spokesman said that a massive turnout can change the result of the elections to Mousavi’s benefit.


Talking in Azad University in the city of Yasooj, he noted in this election climate a candidate who is neither reformist nor principlist has more chances of winning.


Mousavi is best choice to govern country


Majid Ansari stated on Tuesday that presidential hopeful Mousavi is the best choice for managing the country. Pointing to some problems faced by the country, Marashi said that Mousavi can restore this situation.


Talking to the cleric supporters of Mousavi in Qom, he noted that high inflation, unemployment, excessive imports, etc are country’s current problems.


The cleric noted that one of the country’s main problems is violating law, adding a president should fully observe law in achieving the outlook plan.


Majlis principlist faction to hold election meeting


MP Mohammad-Reza Mirtajeddini stated on Wednesday that Majlis principlist faction will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss presidential issues. 


The meeting will be held to decide on the principlist faction’s stance in the election and its supported candidate, the Majlis member said.







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