TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) -- There are layoffs but the names are hidden: the identities of the layoffers.

That does not matter. It does not have much significance in the Argentina of the third millennium.


What happens is that the logic of capitalism is to increase the rate of profit, at the expense of the exploitation of the environment and the workers.


A true iron logic.


In the last twenty years, financial speculation helped to disguise the true nature of capitalism and multiply wealth in just a few hands.


Until the banks went bankrupt.


The hole-covering word par excellence -– crisis -- reappeared.


The hole-covering and justifying word of the same old thing: the implacable logic of the system.


Because of the global financial crisis, the businessmen from these corners of the world -- just as they did during the 1990s -- started firing workers.


They reduced costs in order to keep their rate of profit.


They lay people off just in case, but always, and always, in order to increase or keep their rate of profit and, at the same time, shrink the value of physical or intellectual human work even more.


And, as the matrix of that decade is still intact, nobody asked or questioned the situation of the immaculate businessmen; there were just condolences for those thrown into the black hole of unemployment, and --indeed -- subsidies for great industries and firms to keep the jobs.


The state or the states helping the most powerful.


A curious interpretation of reality.


The layoffers will be helped by the states.


Once again, in the last months of 2008, between November and December to be more precise, the figures which hide stories of flesh, dreams, and bones came back.


The advisor of the Argentine Workers Central (CTA), Horacio Meguira, in those final sixty days in 2008, said, “47,000 jobs were lost and another 14,700 were at risk.”


At the same time he anticipated that the workers’ situation would not improve in 2009.


“At the Ministry of Labor there are official figures from last January -- already -- on the crisis procedures to be carried out and modifications for 8,700 jobs have been suggested,” he added.


In Meguira’s opinion, the Argentine Ministry of Labor “has not changed its strategy and only intends to preserve the governability of the conflicts. The strategy (adopted) by certain employers is to suspend their employees from work in order to disconnect the conflict, because when the time comes to fire them, they will be out of the factory already. Like the international crisis, which started in the financial sector but spread to the insurance and production sectors, the same will happen with employment. It started in the peripheral areas and it will reach formal jobs.”


Behind each figure, a human history is mutilated from its future and deprived of any sense in the present.


Like in the nineties, the iron logic of capitalism shows off with impunity in these lands; it sacrifices human beings at the altar of the wealth god.


Keeping the rate of profit whatever it takes.


That is what the famous iron logic is about.


Punishing those already punished.


The Spanish language original version of this article can be viewed at the web site www.pelotadetrapo.org.ar.


(May 20 Tehran Times Perspective Column, by Carlos del Frade)





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