TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) -- Iranian photographer Aminreza Talachian said that people underwater are more innocent, maybe because under water, they cannot pretend they are something which they are not.


A total of 13 portraits which he captured underwater are currently on display in an exhibition entitled “Portaquatics” at Tehran’s Mehrva Gallery.


“I believe that people underwater are themselves since they cannot define themselves with their clothes or properties,” he told Tehran Times.


In addition, a person underwater experience some unique moments which led to some distinctive postures, he added.


“Whenever I went to pool and I watched people under water wearing my swimming goggles, their postures and even bubbles are interesting for me and I wished that I could record them one day.


“Water is the symbol of purity in most cultures and I try to feature some inner feelings in the collection, but you can see that even this purity sometimes deceives the viewer with false reflections,” he said.


“This collection took more than three years and I confronted many problems in shooting the photos. I do not have access to a private pool and the state pools are not cooperative.


“On the other hand, I would have preferred to use different people of different ages, but this was not possible as most of Iranians are concerned about taking photos of them.


“So I asked my friends and they graciously agreed. It was easier for me because I was familiar with their personalities and there were no problems posing them,” he said.


He defined photography as a way of expressing feelings and apprehensions, and he believes that a photographers’ worldview is far more important than the kind of camera they use.


He went on to say that photographers convey their personalities and beliefs through their artwork, so they should educate themselves from different cultural sources, including good books and movies, in order to produce meaningful photos.


This is the first time that someone has displayed portraits captured under water in Iran. The portraits were welcomed at international galas but unfortunately, not at Iranian events, he mentioned.


He explained about underwater photography, which is mostly used for nature and industry in the world and said that he preferred staged photography underwater but he does not have the facilities.


Walking through the exhibit, the photos narrated a process from expression of agony to calmness, which Talachian believes illustrates another quality of water: its ability to soothe.


He took the photos with a waterproof compact camera and he said that there is no manipulation of the photos.


Three of the photos are in black and white, which Talachian said that in them, he stressed the concepts rather than the manifestations of colors.


The title of the exhibit has two meanings in Persian, namely, the blue portraits and the aquatic portraits.  As these concepts cannot be captured in a single English word, we coined the word: Portraquatics.


“The color blue reminds us of the quality of water which is transparent and pure, and somehow alludes to the sincerity of people when in water,” he said.


“I have been interested in photography since I was a high school student when I started taking photos with my uncle’s camera. I took my B.S in computer science, but I attended several courses with major Iranian photography professors.


“They encouraged me to participate in group exhibitions since 2003. I always focus on the quality of my work rather than its quantity. Photography is my whole life, not just a hobby,” he concluded.


Born in 1980, Aminreza Talachian held several exhibitions and attended numerous festivals. He attended courses given by major Iranian photographers, including Yahya Dehqanpur, Shahriar Tavakoli, Mehran Mohajer, Hamid Severi and Mohammad Sattari.


Talachian was awarded with third prize in the free theme section at the 11th international Francesco Forno photographic competition in Italy, 2007.


The showcase will run until May 27 at the gallery located at 78 Azodi (S. Aban) St., off Karim Khan Zand Ave.






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