Rezaii says he will not let Iran-U.S. relations hang in the air

BANDAR-ABBAS, May 20 (MNA) – Mohsen Rezaii stated on Tuesday that he will not let the issue of Iran-U.S. relation to hang in the air if he is elected president.

He said that U.S. rhetoric has changed and this is a good opportunity which should be seized in a proper manner.


Rezaii said he will openly propose some necessary changes that he believes the U.S. should take and that he will not let that “good” opportunity to be missed.


Talking to the MNA in the port city of Bandar-Abbas, he also said he will not pursue the economic reform plan introduced by the Ahmadinejad administration. He added he will create a “revolution” in the economic sector.


Combatant Clerics don’t back any candidate 


Reza Akrami stated on Tuesday that the Society of Combatant Clerics don’t back any candidate in the June presidential election.


The cleric said that the society will announce its stance in a statement and will just call for a massive turnout in election.


Talking to the Mehr News Agency, Akrami noted that naming cabinet members will make people to decide on their candidate more easily and that it will create a “transparent election atmosphere”.


He added candidates can also have an influence on the voters’ behavior if they elaborate on their plans for resolving problems such as high inflation and rising unemployment. 


Two principlist women groups back Ahmadinejad


Head of the political office of the Followers of Imam and Leadership Front Maryam Behrouzi stated on Tuesday that just two women groups from the principlist camp back Ahmadinejad in the June election.


Talking to the MNA, the secretary general of Zeinab Society noted that the two groups are members of the Followers of Imam Line and Leadership Front. 


Cabinet members should be cooperative


Mohammad-Kazem Anbarlui of Islamic Coalition Party stated on Tuesday that only those persons should enter the cabinet who can establish good coordination with president and other ministers. 


He said that lack of coordination among cabinet members make administration to lose its efficiency. Asked about his idea of naming cabinet members before the election, he told the MNA that people vote for a president not for a cabinet.


Mousavi’s management was Islamic


Ayatollah Mohammad Bojnourdi has praised Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s management when he was prime minister. Bojnourdi said Mousavi’s management was Islamic and Imam Khomeini was fully satisfied with his performance.


Talking to clerics in Qom, he said that Mousavi managed the country during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war when half of the national budget was spent for the war, but “nobody suffered from hunger” and Iran emerged victorious in the war.


Mousavi would appoint ministers from political parties and groups


Mohammad Salamati stated on Tuesday that Mousavi belongs to the reform camp and he will select ministers for his likely cabinet from political parties and groups.


He also expressed doubts over the validity of certain opinion polls on assessing the popularity of presidential candidates, saying the validity of opinion polls depends on who conduct them. He told the MNA that some of the opinion polls that are released are just aimed at demoralizing rival faction.


He said scientific opinion polls indicate that Mousavi will gain more votes than other candidates.


The secretary general of reformist Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization (IRMO) also predicted that reformists may contest the election with a single candidate. 


Only Karroubi’s economic plans can “save” the country


Rahmatollah Bigdeli stated on Tuesday that only Karroubi’s economic plans can “save” the country. Talking in the city of Mehriz, he said one of Karroubi’s major plans is a distribution of oil shares. He added that the plan has been designed and approved by highly qualified economists and it will save the country’s bankrupt economy.


The National Confidence Party member added that paying 75% of students’ educational costs is also part of Karroubi’s plan.






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