Ahmadinejad enjoys more public support: report

TEHRAN, May 19 (MNA) - Latest opinion polls indicate that incumbent President Ahmadinejad enjoys 2.4 times more public support than Mousavi, the Fars news agency reported.

The opinion polls conducted in 30 provinces indicate that Ahmadinejad enjoys more than 50 percent of the likely voters’ support in the election. It said Ahmadinejad will grab 54.5% of the votes, Mousavi 22%, Karroubi 3.2%, and Rezaii 2%.


Current administration does not regard interests in foreign policy


Presidential contender Mohsen Rezaii said on Monday that Ahmadinejad administration has not been caring about the Islamic Republic’s interests in its foreign policy.


“All administrations have had shortcomings in but the administration of Ahmadinejad had many shortcomings,” he told university students in Ghiamdasht.


Rezaii also stated that he is not seeking to downplay the services that have been done over the last years but he said he believes that the current economic condition is not favorable at all.


He said that Iran should try to be the largest economy in the region as it is the most powerful country in the region in terms of military power.


Talking in Azad University in the city of Ghiamdasht, southeast of Tehran, he noted that if he wins the race he will present a citizenship rights bill to the parliament.


In another gathering in Bandar-Abbas, Rezaii said that he will try to recruit former top political and executive officials if he wins the polls.


For example, he said he will appoint former Majlis speaker Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, former president Khatami, presidential hopefuls Mousavi and Karroubi, Tehran Mayor Qalibaf, and incumbent President Ahmadinejad in posts that they can handle in the best possible way.


Martial artists back Ahmadinejad


A group of martial artists gathered in front of the president’s office on Monday to announce support for Ahmadinejad in the presidential election.








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