Tajikistan picks up Iran’s Navid news program

TEHRAN, May 18 (MNA) -- The Safineh satellite network of Tajikistan launched the Iranian Persian language news program Navid.

On its first program on Sunday, Iran’s ambassador to Tajikistan Ali-Asgahr Sherdust regarded launching the channel a positive act helping to enhance bilateral ties between the two countries.


“It is correct to say that both languages of Persian and Tajik are the same with the same roots, but the geographic separation of the two countries in long years have resulted in variations in speaking the (Persian) language,” he said.


He called the development of bilateral cooperation in information dissemination in the world of today as necessary and announced Iran’s readiness to assist Tajikistan in this regard.


Sherdust also announced that a joint TV channel for Persian-speaking countries would soon to be launched. The news program of Navid goes on the air every afternoon.


Experts believe that despite the deep linguistic roots shared by Iran and Tajikistan, it is necessary to help bring the words and phrases used by the Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan closer to one another.





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