Iran’s nuclear program not a threat to Arab world: Arab League chief

AMMAN, Jordan, May 17 (MNA) - The Arab League chief has said Iran’s nuclear program is neither a threat to the Arab world nor to the international peace and instead it is Israel which has stockpiled nuclear arsenal and refuses to sign the NPT.

In an interview with the Mehr News Agency on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting in Amman, Amr Moussa said, “I ask why should we consider Iran’s nuclear program as a threat? Under what document?”


The Arab chief diplomat said, “According to the International Atomic Energy Agency Iran has had no diversion from the NPT, therefore Iran has right to develop its peaceful nuclear program based on this international treaty (NPT).”


He added, “I feel no threat of Iran’s nuclear program to the Arab world and the international community but when Israel does not accept the NPT and does not observe it, its atomic arsenal threatens all of us.”


On the prospects of cooperation between Iran and regional countries in using clean sources of energy, he said regional countries should think of other sources of energy such as wind and sun but using nuclear energy to produce electricity is a “reliable source which we all have the right to use”.


About nuclear cooperation between Islamic states, he said, “At the current situation we are far from this goal but we must think of this issue which is possible in the future.”


The Arab League secretary general also blasted the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who refuses to accept the establishment of a Palestinian state or stop settlements in the occupied lands.


“If we want to listen to (Benjamin) Netanyahu there will be no peace and no recognition of Palestinians’ rights.”


“We as the Arab League, the European Union and apparently the new U.S. administration have a view different from Netanyahu.”


Moussa said the new Israeli prime minister is challenging the whole world and through his approach toward the Palestine issue.


However, the veteran diplomat said he does not think that Netanyahu will do what he says.


Moussa also said the Arab world supports dialogue between Iran and the United States and dismissed views that relationship between Tehran and Washington will not be in the interests of Arabs.


“Any dialogue will produce good results provided that we recognize that peace, security and cooperation are good for all and not for a single country.”





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