5 million more votes will change election results: Karbaschi

TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – Gholam Hossein Karbaschi has said an additional 5 million votes are enough to reverse the results of the June presidential election.

According to the Interior Ministry about 46.2 million are eligible to vote.


Karbaschi, Karroubi’s campaign chief, insisted that that if 32 million votes are cast the possibility that Ahmadinjad fails to be reelected is above 65 percent but if 27 million people vote the likelihood of a change is less than 35 percent.


“The studies show that if over 32 million participate in the election, the possibility of a change in the current conditions and Mr. Ahmadinejad’s failure is over %65. However, if less than 27 millions vote in the election the likelihood of his change is less than %35,” Karbaschi told the Mehr News Agency.


He claimed that the supporters of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will try to minimize people’s participation.


Karbaschi, a former Tehran mayor, refrained from predicting the results of election and explained that his camp tries to bring an “idea” into victory and that they are not thinking of who wins the election. He also emphasized that Karroubi’s ideas can resolve the people’s problems.


Karbaschi also pointed out that reformists are not jeopardizing their chances of victory by contesting the election with two candidates.

“Under the current circumstances... it is to the benefit of the reformists.”


He also noted that over 50 experts are preparing Karroubi’s economic plans and that the general sketch of the plans will be announced soon.


‘Majority’ of Seminary teachers support Ahmadinejad 


The “majority” of the Qom Seminary Teachers Society members have expressed support for Ahmadinejad in the presidential race, a statement released by the office of Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi said on Saturday.


The society has 52 members and the statement represents the official stance of all members, the statement explained.


Thriving economy boosts ‘composure’


Presidential hopeful Mir Hossein Mousavi has stated that it is only in a thriving economy that the society feels comfortable.


“In fact, a powerful national economy brings about a more powerful armed force and more composure in the country,” he said in a meeting with the students of Roudehen University.


Mousavi added, “No country can defend the reputation of its citizens and maintain its security and image unless it has a powerful economy.”


He criticized the economic policies of the current administration and explained that the %25 inflation has severely harmed the lower-income families.


Rezaii says he will not withdraw in favor of others 


Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaii emphasized on Saturday that he will not withdraw candidacy in favor of other candidates.


Rezaii predicted that the election will go to a second round and he will be one of the two contestants in the runoff.


He made a reference to the election law and women’s candidacy, saying, “I will present a law which explains who the rejal siyasi are… and the elite should explain (this term), not the Guardian Council.”


According to the Constitution, only “rejal siyasi” can run for president. The term has been interpreted differently. Some argue that it only refers to men while others believe that the term also includes women.


Ahmadinejad is principlits’ only candidate 


Followers of Imam and Leadership Front Secretary General Habibollah Askar-Oladi stated on Saturday that Ahmadinejad is the principlists’ final candidate.


There are three major principlist groupings and all of them support Ahmadinejad, he said.


Mousavi ready to enter debates


Mousavi’s campaign chief Qorban Behzadian Nezhad emphasized that Mousavi is ready to enter debate with other candidates.


“Mousavi is completely ready to debate with other candidates,” he said during a press conference on Saturday.








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