Patriotism in Shahnameh is different from Western nationalism: ECO official

TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) -- The concept of patriotism in Shahnameh is completely different from Western nationalism, ECO Cultural Institute Director Mohammad Rajabi told the gathering during the Shahnameh Millennium.

The gathering was held at the 22nd Tehran International Book Fair on Friday and was attended by representatives of ECO member countries and by Iranian officials.


Ferdowsi appreciated relationships between human beings regardless of borders and he was against nationalistic prejudices, added Rajabi.


Patriotism is the evident message of Shahnameh for Iranians, mentioned Executive Director of ECO Cultural Institute, Hafiz Muhammad Jamil.


Ferdowsi narrated Shahnameh in a way that is understandable for all people but his way of narration also does not harm the Persian language, he added.


He went on to say that some parts of Shahnameh are the same as oral epics of Homer in which Ferdowsi accompanied wisdom with heroism and war narrations.


“What makes Shahnameh a great masterpiece is the cultural, historical and social aspects of it that connect Iran’s destiny with past experiences,” mentioned Iranian scholar Mir-Jalaleddin Kazzazi during the ceremony.


Shahnameh is not a mere literary work; it rescued the Persian language. It creates Persian culture and it has an influence beyond the borders of Iran in lands, which at one time belonged to Greater Persia, he said.


Afterwards, the General Secretary of Ferdowsi Foundation read a message from Shahnameh researcher Jalal Khaleqi-Motlaq for the participants:


“Shahnameh is not just a book; it is a library. If someone were to ask me what can be learned from Shahnameh I would say that from each page, you can learn a great deal about Persian traditions, literature and even about governing a country,” mentioned Khaleqi-Motlaq in a part of his message.


Iran proposed that UNESCO register the Shahnameh millennium on its calendar of events in 2010, Movahhedfar mentioned during the event.


By 2009, a millennium has past since the composing of Ferdowsi’s magnum opus Shahnameh.


He went on to say that the foundation proposed to renovate Ferdowsi’s mausoleum in Tus city and also to establish a cultural center in the name of Ferdowsi in Tehran.


The Ferdowsi Foundation is a private organization established in 2003 by Tusivand. Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi, Hassan Anusheh, Jalal Khaleqi-Motlaq, Fereidun Joneidi and Qadamali Sarami are members of the foundation.





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