Rezaii calls for economic reform

RUDEHEN, May 14 (MNA) - Presidential candidate Rezaii stated on Wednesday that an “economic revolution” is impossible without a “managerial revolution”.

He said that the most important problem is a “weak economy”.


He added that he has contested the election to make a “revolution” in the country’s economy through proper management.


Talking in the city of Roudehen, northeast of Tehran, Rezaii said management policy should be revised. The former IRGC commander said in his views a revision means putting experienced skillful persons and qualified youths at managerial posts.


 Majlis principlist faction to discuss candidates


MP Vali Esmaili stated on Wednesday that Majlis principlist faction will hold a meeting to discuss the qualifications of presidential contenders and their plans.


There is some news that principlist faction will announce its favored candidate in the next two weeks. The faction had announced earlier that it would not support any candidate in the June presidential election.


 Karroubi vows to give oil shares to all Iranians


Presidential hopeful Karroubi stated on Tuesday that he will share out the “oil shares” among all Iranians above 18 if he wins the June presidential election.


Karroubi said even those Iranians living abroad have the right to receive justice shares.


Talking in Oil University in Ahvaz, Karroubi also said experts believe that the current condition is not favorable and that the next president should make great reforms.


Mousavi can improve national economy


Former MP Rajabali Mazrouii stated on Wednesday that presidential challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi can improve the economy more than any other candidate.


Talking in a press conference in Rasht, Mazrouii said that Mousavi has the qualifications of a capable president.


By relying on collective wisdom and expert views, Mousavi will redirect the country into a right path, he noted. He added that Mousavi will not give promises that are not practical. He also predicted that the election will go to a second round.


Mousavi says he is not damaging government’s reputation


Mousavi dismissed accusation that he is undermining the reputation of the administration by criticizing its performance.


However, he said he is critical of the government otherwise he would not have contested the presidential race.


“Actually the reason behind my presence in election was that I was not satisfied with the current situation,” the former prime minister said in talks with local reporters in Shiraz.


Mousavi also said he has presented his plans for running the country in a meeting with the participation of 52 economists. He said he will give priority to national production and controlling inflation. 


Mousavi will also publish a newspaper. The newspaper named Kalam’e Sabz (green word) will hit newsstands on Saturday. Mousavi had received the license to publish the newspaper on March 2. 







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