Development and Justice Party backs Rezaii

TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) -- In a statement issued on Tuesday the Islamic Iran Development and Justice Party announced support for Mohsen Rezaii in the presidential election.

The statement said that Rezaii’s individual characteristics like his sense of “responsibility” and “creativity” prompted the party to announce official support for him. 


It said the next president should rely on collective wisdom and formulate “strategic ideas”.


Ahmadinejad facing serious competitors


Presidential contender Karroubi stated on Tuesday that incumbent President Ahmadinejad is facing serious competitors.


Karroubi noted that presidential challengers do not enjoy equal facilities, saying the rival faction has all the facilities for campaigning while reformists do not have the necessary means to convey their ideas to the public.


Talking in Kermanshah, he asked the national TV to show impartiality as election date is approaching.  


Elsewhere in his talks, Karroubi stated that one of his major plans is to help the needy people in a respectable way and provide a situation in which the vulnerable people to emerge from the current economic hardships.


The former Majlis speaker also said those who are happy with the current situation and those who are not should participate in the elections.


 Vote for Ahmadinejad is vote for progress


Mohammad-Nabi Habibi stated on Tuesday that a vote for Ahmadinejad “is a vote for progress and service”.


The Islamic Coalition Party secretary general said that principlists had turned “weakness into strength” and “threats into opportunities”.


He added that principlists have always tried to resolve economic problems and also remove obstacles for national development.


Defense for civil society is Karroubi’s winning card


Reformist figure Abbas Abdi stated on Tuesday that Karroubi’s defense of a civil society is his winning card in the June polls.


Talking in Shiraz, Abdi said that the society is looking for pragmatic leaders who can make real changes. He said proposing theories does not solve any problems.


Nurses express support for Mousavi


In a statement issued on Tuesday, Iran's House of Nurses officially announced support for Mousavi in the presidential campaign.


Iran’s House of Nurses believes that Mousavi is the most qualified candidate who can help the country to realize its goals, the statement said.


The statement calls on nurses to vote for Mousavi to create a change in different social areas especially improving the health sector.


Karroubi will be a good president


Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi stated on Tuesday that Karroubi will be a good president if he wins the polls.


Talking to the Mehr News Agency, Karbaschi, Karroubi’s campaign chief, also said that the introduction of some key members of cabinet can help people to decide better on the candidates. He added that Karroubi has no fear of naming his cabinet members.


He also said Karroubi’s campaign slogan is “together for a change, only for Iranians”.


TV Campaigns will start May 22


The Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ezzatollah Zarghami, stated on Tuesday that televised presidential campaigns will start from May 22 and lasts for twenty days.


Talking to MNA, he noted that the IRIB is trying to hold televised debates in the future.







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