IRGC says only special Basijis are barred from politics

TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) -- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps issued a statement on Tuesday saying that it has always barred its personnel and special Basijis from interfering in elections or campaigning for or against candidates.

To make a distinction between special Basijis and other Basiji groups, the IRGC has classified Basijis into three groups: ordinary Basijs, active Basijs, and special Basijs (volunteer guards).


According to the law, only special Basijs are barred from participating in political affairs and joining political groups, the communiqué said.


The IRGC issued the statement after some presidential contenders, their loyalists, and certain media outlets warned about the interference of Basijis in elections.


It said all people committed to the Constitution and the goals of the Islamic Revolution are considered Basiji, adding that in addition to the main classification, Basijis are also divided into student Basijis, worker Basijis, teacher Basijis, physician Basijis, athlete Basijis, etc.


The statement noted that the national law classifies none of these groups as “military” unless they are on active military duty.


The communiqué said the military rules only apply to special Basijis (volunteer guards), who, according to the employment regulations of the IRGC, are personnel who are obliged to be at the service of the IRGC at all times after receiving training and they are barred from political activities and membership in political groups.


The statement said at a time when the presidential election is very important for realizing the goals of the Islamic Revolution and resisting Western pressure in issues such as nuclear rights, unfortunately, sometimes political competitions heat up to the degree that “national interests” are ignored and groups willingly or unwittingly provide fertile ground for the enemies in their “psychological warfare (campaign) against the Iranian nation and establishment.”





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