Nadalian’s soil paintings to decorate Tehran gallery

TEHRAN, May 10 (MNA) -- Iranian land artist Ahmad Nadalian is to display his series of soil painting works at the Mah-e Mehr art gallery opening on Wednesday, May 13.

His collection includes soil painting works he has created over the past three years. Most of the soils are collected from Hormoz Island in southern Iran and are combined with the soil he had brought from different parts of the world. The soils are later turned into color through a different process.


The collection on display also contains pieces of fish bones and remains of ships and boats collected from the beach and painted by the artist.


Also included are pictures of the work of land art created on the coast last year in memory of the martyrs of Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) which was shot down by the U.S.S. Vincennes on the Bandar Abbas-Dubai route in 1988.


Nadalian’s collection of seals also makes up another part of the show. Most of his seals are cylindrically shaped and one is featured in the archives of, an environmental art museum. 


The exhibition will also display the tire of his bicycle for peace. The tire bears an imprint of the phrase “Dream of Peace in the Persian Gulf”. Anybody who rides the bicycle will cause the phrase to be engraved in the sands on Hormoz Island. Nadalian rode a distance over 1400km on the sand. The distance symbolically is equal to the length of the Persian Gulf coast from Khorramshahr to Bandar Abbas.


Nadalian regards Hormoz Island a best resort for winter activities of world land artists, explaining that he purchased a building on the island in which artists will be able to begin their activities this autumn.


Nadalian established Pardis, a center in Polur in the northern region of the country on the slopes of Mount Damavand for the creation and exhibition of art in nature. The center is mainly used in summer.


The artist has so far has held 24 solo exhibits and has participated in over 120 group exhibits in the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Britain and Uzbekistan.


The prestigious U.S. art magazine Utne (Understanding the next evolution) named Nadalian as one of the world’s top five earth artists in its May-June 2006 edition.


Nadalian will be painting during his exhibit, which runs through May 25, at the gallery located at No.7, Nilufar St. off Africa Ave.





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