Mousavi says he is independent

TEHRAN, May. 9 (MNA) – Presidential hopeful Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized on Saturday that he will contest the election as an independent.

“I have entered the election scene as an independent so that political demarcations do not distort this bright way,” he told reporters after formally registering as presidential nominee.


Mousavi added, “This independence is not out of individualism. Rather, it is to ask for help from all the society classes.”


He also stated that he has nominated because the current political, economic, and cultural conditions do not “deserve the nation”.


The former prime minister pointed out that there is no “overnight solution” to the nation’s economic problems.


However, he stated he will make efforts to remedy the economic conditions by restoring the Management and Planning Organization (MPO) which was dissolved under the current administration.


Karroubi rejects idea that MPO dissolution was first conceived by Rajaii


Presidential candidate Mahdi Karroubi rejected an argument by President Ahmadinejad that former president Ali Rajaii, who was martyred in a terrorist attack in August 1981, opposed the MPO.


“What we observed at that time from individuals such as Rajaii on the Management and Planning Organization was the fact that this organization should be boosted,” Karroubi said after formally registering as presidential candidate. 


In an earlier visit to Qazvin province, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that he dissolved the MPO in compliance with the demands of Rajaii.


Elsewhere, Karroubi urged the administration to remain unbiased in the election.


The cleric presidential contender also opposed the involvement of Basijis in electoral affairs.


Karroubi was accompanied by leading reformist figures including Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi, the Servants of Construction Party chief, and Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former aide to Mohammad Khatami, when he visited the Interior Ministry for registration.


No violations in presidential elections so far


Former government spokesman Abdollah Ramazanzadeh emphasized that there has never been a violation in the presidential polls and currently there is no room for concerns. 


“Presidential election has never faced a violation… and there are no concerns in this regard,” he told reporters on Saturday.


Ramazanzadeh, the deputy chief of the reformist Islamic Iran Participation Party, criticized the administration for its failure to improve the economy of the nation. He also insisted that Mousavi will definitely win the election.


 MP says Ahmadinejad to win more votes than before


MP Hossein Nejabat said here on Saturday that Ahmadinejad will gain more votes in the upcoming presidential election than his previous record.


The principlist MP also insisted that Mousavi and Karroubi are Ahmadinejad’s most serious rivals.


 Khatami urges maximum participation


Former president Mohammd Khatami insisted on Saturday that everyone should try to increase people’s participation in the election.


“We should make efforts to increase the number of participants in the election and enhance people’s feelings of responsibility to enter the scene,” he said, ISNA reported.


Khatami also claimed that principlists are not interested in a huge turnout in elections.





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