Those responsible for reform failure try to impose their views

TEHRAN, May 6 (MNA) Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karroubi has stated that those who were responsible for the failure of the reformists are making decisions for others. Karroubi was indirectly referring to some reformist figures who do not agree with his candidacy.

“Today, those who laid the grounds for the failure of reformists intend to make decisions for others. However, political activities are not like barracks,” he said in Yazd, the public relations office of the National Confidence Party reported on Wednesday.


“We should ponder why when we had the sixth Majlis and the reformist administration we failed in the city council election,” he remarked.


 Khatami’s return not unlikely


Ali Shakouri Rad of the central council of the Participation Party stated on Wednesday that former president Mohammad Khatami’s return to the election race is not unlikely.


In a statement issued on March 16, Khatami officially withdrew candidacy in favor of former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi.


Shakouri Rad pointed out that in the reformist camp Mousavi is more favored. He also told the Fars News Agency that Karroubi’s withdrawal in favor of Mousavi seems “unlikely”.


 Khatami had more chances of victory


Former interior minister Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari stated on Wednesday that Khatami had more chances of winning the elections than any other candidates.


He told the FNA that “Khatami will not return because he made an informed decision and his decision was not based on emotions.”


 Rezaii blames administration on oil incomes


Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaii has stated on Wednesday that the administration should have spent 2 percent of the oil incomes in Khuzestan province but it has not done so.


“Where is the 2 percent of the oil incomes which the Majlis had ratified to be spent on Khuzestan’s prosperity? The officials should say where and how they have spent this money,” he said in a visit to Khuzestan.


The Majlis has ratified a bill according to which 2 percent of the oil and gas incomes should be spent in the areas from which oil and gas are extracted.


 Mousavi says he is interested in Basij


Mousavi stated on Wednesday that he supports Basij.


“I have reached out to Servants (of Construction) groupings, Participation Party, and even Basij and I will make use of them as long as they accept the Constitution and do not violate the law,” he said in a meeting with university students in Kerman.   


Elsewhere, Mousavi emphasized that he is opposed to having “a security look towards the universities”.


In a separate meeting with a group of people in Kerman, Mousavi said he will not appoint “obedient” and “multi-millionaire” ministers.


He also pointed out, “We need a president who respects collective wisdom and the views of the elite.”









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