Iranian musician promoting homeland’s melodies in Austria

TEHRAN, May 6 (MNA) -- Iranian-based Austrian musician Vaseqi believes that using Iranian musical instruments in foreign bands is an effective way to introduce Iran’s music to the rest of the world.

“As you know, concerts by foreign music groups are mainly attended by non-Iranian audiences while Iranians mostly go to concerts performed by Iranian music ensembles,” Esmaeil Vaseqi told MNA.


Vaseqai, who plays santur in the Austrian ensemble Klemenchich said that he has tried to introduce the Iranian instrument santur as well as Persian culture to the world throughout his career.


He went on to say that he did this by accompanying the band at hundreds of concerts in several cities around the world.


“The band is composed of individuals from different countries and its repertoire consists of traditional music, belonging to past ages. We have done research as well as holding concerts and I have accompanied the band for more than 30 years by playing the santur,” he mentioned.


He also gave details on the band’s recent album “Carmina Burana,” recently released in Europe. He said that he used the santur on the album and pointed out that it resembled an early instrument played in former times in Europe.


Vaseqi resided in Vienna for more than 30 years. He studied music at the University of Tehran in 1974 and he continued his studies at the Vienna Conservatory in the area of composition.


He came back Iran in 1978 and taught music at the University of Tehran for one year and then returned to Vienna.


His album “The Alley” was released in Iran. He is going to release another album in which he will be accompanied by vocalist Bijan Bijani, which will contain poems by Hafez and Sadi.





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