TEHRAN, May 6 (MNA) -- Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the Tehran Times, a newspaper which intends to reach a professional level, both in its approach and dissemination of news, that is worthy of the civilized Iranians. It also aims to be a window through which our respected readers can see the “real Iran”.

Surely, we have a long way to go to realize this dream. However, we know that we should publish a newspaper which brings you the latest news without going to extremes.


The path to this objective is very difficult, though not impossible, to traverse. The economic problems our country’s media outlets are facing, the drop in sales of advertisements, and the elimination of subsidies have forced us to raise the price of the Tehran Times. This price is of course equal to the current price of Persian language newspapers. We hope that readers will see a resultant increase in the quality of the newspaper, both in form and content.


I feel obliged to extend my gratitude to all those colleagues who have sincerely helped us over the years. I also welcome those professional colleagues and journalists who will join us in the near future.


We are working and writing for you. I hope the opportunity arises soon for many of you to also begin contributing to the Tehran Times. The change you see in the Tehran Times today is a preamble to a new move. 


(May 6 Tehran Times Opinion Column, by Parviz Esmaeili)





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